A suggestion to further improve Mayhem and the loot pool

Hi all, I just want to start out by saying that I’m pretty darn happy with the state of the game as we get set for DLC4.

All the vault hunters are in a pretty good position, and I feel as though we have the widest variety of viable builds and gear in the game’s history. Things aren’t perfect, but they’re better than they have been, and I have to offer my kudos to the Borderlands team.

But just because things are pretty good right now doesn’t mean they can’t get better, and to that end I have a proposal for a rework of the “Very Hard” mayhem modifier.

When I think of the terms “Mayhem” and “Very Hard” I think of something that introduces chaos and can randomly increase the difficulty of any engagement. So my suggestion is to wipe out the existing “Very Hard” modifiers (ie: Post Mortem, Rogue Lite, Buddy System, Holy Crit, Not In The Face) and replace them with the various seasonal events.

I think the vast majority (if not all) of players will agree that the limited events (Bloody Harvest, Broken Hearts, and Revenge Of The Cartels) have been some of the best content in the game. There is also a pretty big desire around the community for them to return and become permanent. My suggestion would be for the “Very Hard” modifier to roll with one of those events returning, along with two (and a half) more.

First: Create a new map for the “Broken Hearts”, say a ‘Love Island’ where we battle to find the true meaning of love for Maurice.

Second: A “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” type scenario in which Mr. Torgue has had enough of this “claw” business and sets out to teach Maurice the true meaning of explosions.

Third: Bunkers and Badasses II - Not-So-Tiny Tina invites the new Vault Hunters, and Maurice, to a game of BnB.

Each of these maps would be accessed in the same way as in the limited events, with normal enemies spawning additional goons on death. Things like footsoldiers (Cartels), skulls (Bloody Harvest), bombs (my suggestion for Mr. Torgue), Skeletons (BnB), or hearts with various effects (Broken Hearts).

By having certain enemies give a unique currency on death (ghost goo or cartel codes), as well as spawning in additional enemies in the middle of combat, it gives the modifier a unique feel from the Easy/Medium/Hard modifiers. It also increases the difficulty and chaos in ways the current modifiers just don’t.

Each map would also have unique loot, such as the Fearmonger and Ghast Call (Bloody Harvest), the Polyamorous (with a big damage buff) and Wedding Invitation (Broken Hearts), or the OPQ, Yellowcake, Grease Trap, and NoPewPew (Cartels), as well as new loot for the Mr. Torgue and The EXPLOSION FACTORY and Bunkers and Badasses maps.

This would let us farm some of our favorite (and at times meta-redefining) loot that has been rendered obsolete by level cap raises, but also improve the variety of builds and play styles (such as reintroducing Terror anointments). It would also expand the current loot pool with what is, effectively, “Mayhem 8” loot without having to change the drop tables again and make the loot suitably difficult to obtain.

So then, what does everyone think?

That is debatable. Zane still only has one real feasible COM to use. This shows there are major problems for this character.

FL4K still has alot of skills that are not working properly. Head Count is still very hit and miss. Pet based builds are still very weak to the point of not being worth it outside of very low MH levels.

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