A suggestion to GBX from a healer

Yesterday when I was playing on Incursion I noticed that Deande’s clones showed up identical to her actual self. This meant that I could be accidentally healing a clone instead of someone in more dire need, and so I would like to suggest the addition of something showing which Deande is the clone, perhaps an outline similar to the one Deande herself has when she goes invisible. Only for her own team, of course.

Granted, I did notice that the healing beam healed the clone for more than it did other Battleborn, and there might be better tells that I haven’t noticed yet (Since I rarely play with Deande players), but if so, please enlighten me!

Deande clone has red eyes. Hard to tell from behind but something you might notice.

Deande clones will always be attacking or running for an attack regardless of health, never moving backwards.

Right after clone spawn, Deande is invisible.

Deande clone will not uppercut (throw enemies in air)

Deande clone will not strafe.

All that said, I do agree. Though the enemy team is more likely to attack the clone if it is being healed which is good for everyone if the real Deande isn’t close to death. Hope this helps!!

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Yeah don’t worry, on Deande’s helix for her holotwin, health and damage are the same lvl (2) and saving the decoy does have a tactical value, oh and as a Deande player I go damage, so you are still helping the team…

I did notice the clones could be a bit… single-minded, but the Deande player was really aggressive so sometimes it was hard to tell! Good to know nonetheless.

Ah, that’s good to know, even though it could get a bit dangerous when it ran straight into enemy lines with me in tow, leaving me a bit vulnerable when she poofed, haha.

I actually forgot to check completely, but do you know if her clone shows up on the minimap?

It does show up on the mini-map. Same picture as Deande, additionally (if you didn’t know) when the clone dies it deals quite a bit of damage in the explosion area to the enemies.

Cool part is the holotwin explodes on expiry and 0 health… With Deande it is all about positioning… If we have to we can push…

How are you doing w/ the additional attack? Never tried that helix much. I always felt the clone was made for the explosion damage, w/ extra health helix it insures that the clone will make it to the enemy before it blows up. When I used the extra damage, I recognized the clone would die to fast which would waste the extra damage and explosion damage so I switched back.

Always pick more attack >.<
It is actually pretty easy to recognize/run away from a clone. As such if the clone lives for to long, the enemy will wise up and take off (Miko healing the clone makes people think twice about the way the clone is acting because a healer would NEVER pay attention to a clones health lol). Where with the extra attack damage it is harder to ignore the damage you’re taking, and by the time you realize it’s a clone BOOM you’ve taken a lot of damage and more than likely have to run from the real Deande now capitalizing on your lack of Shield/Health.

I never pick the extra health/more time for clone helix choices because of this, to many time I have noticed a Deande spawn their clone, or fought a Deande and quickly noticed red glowing eyes or seen an ally being chased down by a Deande who just won’t give up despite the ally saying “Ehy is she doing so little damage” in every case I get out of dodge and they don’t get to land the explosion.

The only use I find exists for the extra health/more time helix choices is that people don’t want to get hit by that explosion and so when they do wise up they will back off real fast, leaving room for an attack from your team, I prefer getting a kill to making them back off though.

Have you tried ‘Double Trouble’ for lvl 1? After burst dashing into your enemies’ face you holotwin out and reposition, they deal less damage allowing your holotwin to hurt your opponent more before she dies… More damage is good with this tactic, also try firing of your ranged attack before using holotwin and the ai will keep up the barrage as you find a new angle… I like to screw with my enemies and go double team with my twin… 9 out of 10 times I win the fight even out numbered… I tend not to die with Deande… Shes my secondary…

…Yup, Deande and Mikey

Considering my suicidal tendencies it is hilarious…

Was just on Helio advanced, only other person bailed and left me, Deande in the first area surrounded by a huge crowd of Thrall. Only Deande could have taken all of that room down, and she did, but I ran out the timer, only 30 seconds left, not enough time to get back. Sad ending to a great performance.

Need a hand? I’m on ps4…

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Very kind but I’ve never touched a console, just PC, slave to Steam. :wink: