A suggestion to save builds

made a post before but got took down as a mod thought it was to with duping weapons.Which it was not.

So here’s the suggestion at the new station have an option to save build,but by doing so it saves it as a character but whatever weapons were in you inventory not bank get transferred over so its not an excuse to dupe. By doing so it if i want to save my rak attack flack it will be there but then i can continue a new build as i have weapons in my bank to try amd make a new build if that makes sense .

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Could also be used to make mules alot easier . AND I CANT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH THIS IS NOT A METHOD TO DUPE GEAR

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I used that oversight in borderlands 2; only there were so many builds to make… would be great here; max level blank slates would be perfect

yeah also good of you find that god roll annoint for another character you have done yet or have an idea of making a build around it

I’d be happy just to be able to save my skills. If I had that ability, I’d only need four characters rather than seven.

that would get transferred over in theory as that would be part of your build .

With all the possible build option and gear sets for my DH in Diablo 3, they added this. It was great, i could switch quickly form a mobbing or grinding build to a high level boss killing build quickly. Sadly the D3 one had a ton of bugs. Like if you has the same item on two builds sometimes when you clicked don a build the item would be missing and then you would have to go to bank and search for it.