A suggestion with regard to the MEGATHREAD

I’ve been reading through it (a time consuming process in itself).

One thing I’ve noticed is that many of the posts can be categorized. For example, there are lots of posts about how various HW1:R SP missions don’t work as expected, while others are about MP functionality, balance or bugs.

I realize that you folks at gearbox seek/need information on all the in game issues. However, if you broke up the MEGATHREAD into multiple categories, I think it would facilitate a more focused approach. It would also likely result in better feedback from the community. I, for one, will likely not play through the SP campaign (I never played through the original HW1 SP campaign, actually and never played the original HW2 SP campaign at all), so those parts don’t interest me. MP issues, on the other hand, are very important to me.

No, I’m not just posting this so I don’t have to read through a bunch of stuff I don’t care about. :wink:

All we need is a true bugtracker.

I have to be honest, I’m glad I was sitting down for this one. Never played the single player of one of the most powerful stories and campaigns of all time in any game ever?

Wow, don’t know what to make of that :smile:

ps I would desperately hope GBX has some kind of internal bug tracking something or other since this isn’t their first game. It would make sense to categorize them in a way you suggested.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking into things like this, there may be some more organisation at some point, perhaps when we have a clearer idea about what are actual bugs as opposed to balance requests. For now, as long as things are posted here or as support requests, or even both, Gbx will be reading it.


Dude, just play the Campaign. You won’t regret it.

The campaing was amazing, at least the first one, while I wait for mp changes I’m playing the second one…not bad, not bad at all. Does this forum support a vote system?

that could help in gathering feedback. I know not all the players come into the forum, but it would give us an idea.

The most important thing about the campaing was that it laid the foundation for the principles behind each faction. It gives me so many ideas regarding possible factions for hw3. Just play it man :stuck_out_tongue:

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