A talk about Star Wars

So someone said they wanted a Star Wars thread. So guess what I’m doing.

As a method to get things off on the right track; how 'bout that new trailer for the beginning of the next Trilogy?

The trailer in question is here, ready to anger a specific person who wishes to not get the details spoiled;

Courtesy of @CaballoGallo


If I dont see Boba Fett in the new film I will hunt down Disney.

Silly Billy, by canon he’s still getting digested in one of the Sarlacc’s many stomachs. Unless they really do make him escape somehow.

I havent forgiven them for making it uncanon…

Sadly there is not anything new in this trailer.

fett will have his own movie, I want to say in 2016


To be fair, he was just some hired gun standing around for his whole appearance. Nothin’ special.

Hes mother ■■■■■■■ Boba Fett, if you knew him you wouldnt say just some hired gun.

A guy who got a couple of books a CGI cartoons about him on Cartoon network too. I ain’t impressed.


And by the way, wouldn’t Chewie have some gray hairs around his fur? Not talking about a whole yeti coat, but enough to show that he’s aged. I remember him being pretty old I think.

I think they live like 600 years or something, he is still a pup

The Hutts and all my other clients-they pay me the kinds of bounties they do because of one thing. I deliver. Once I caught my prey, nothing stops me from bringing it in. Nothing. If I take on a job, I complete it. And everyone in the galaxy knows that.
-Boba Fett

He is the best bounty hunter in the whole galaxy

new rebel trio

Huh. Well ain’t that something. Kind of like how Jabba was considered very young when he started his crime spree at the age of 80.

And he got swallowed by a sandy anus because a half blind man smashed his jetpack.

I wonder whats the story behind the assumed disguised rebel as a Stormtrooper. Or why the Empire is back at all.

don’t know if it ever really went away, sure the Emperor and vader are killed but there has to be a structure under them 3rd, 4th, 5th in command etc…

The rebels were a small band, the empire huge

love it, people are already breaking it down and speculating… love it


Well thats a Scout Trooper I think. Or is that one of those Winter Troopers?

A black storm trooper? Wut? Must be a joke, HIGHLY improbable. 8^)

[quote=“seniorbuttbeard, post:15, topic:290907”]
And he got swallowed by a sandy anus because a half blind man smashed his jetpack.[/quote]

Then he blew himself out of it and was best man at a wedding.

You should really look into the extended universe.