A Thank You For Gearbox

This is a thank you to everyone and everything that made the Brothers in Arms series what it is.

First of all, I just want to share how important video games is to me. As nerdy and maybe how much of a loser it makes me sound, video games are the one thing in my life that have broken me down into real tears. Not my family, friends, or accomplishments. As much as I care for them and want them in my life, they never heavily impacted me and had deeper meaning to me than video games did.

From a very young age is when I first started gaming, believe it or not, Brothers in Arms was one of those first games I ever played. Never did I know it would stick with me throughout most of my life. I loved it, everything about it. It was a game I could always come back to just purely for the single player, very few games can do that for me. Single player games are usually only meant to be played once for the story (maybe twice for collectibles or more challenging difficulties), but Brothers in Arms hits different. No matter what, I am always finding myself coming back and wanting to relive the experience, the story and game mechanics. This game alone has carried me through hardships in life and I never knew how bad things can be because this game was there to block out those concerns and problems. As I grow older, I am now shifting away from the “good ole days” and I go back in my life to see how much this game has impacted me and what it has done for me. Today, I listened to Road to Hill 30’s soundtrack and I cried. I cried because it was the one thing I found beautiful in life. It’s beautiful because it’s the only thing in life that had real, serious meaning to me. it spoke to me and I know what this game has done for me. From the bottom of my heart, I love this game. Thank you Gearbox for what you have made. It may not be the most popular game, but god damn does it mean something to me. Just know that this game means something more than just button pressing.

However you guys wish to continue with the series, just know what has been made was a masterpiece. Even though the story isn’t finished, what we have is amazing and at least we have that. It’s a lot and I thank the team behind it. The one wish I want though is truly for this game to be finished and finished right, make the next game bleed Brothers in Arms. Remember, you left us on “To Be Continued”. Either way, I can’t thank the team enough. You made this series go down as my favorite series ever. It’s with me forever.