A Thank You to Gearbox

When Battleborn entered its open beta I knew ot was a game with lots of potential. Pre-ordered it. Got the game. Then when trying to master Deande, a glitch happened and it locked me out of getting her lore done. Around this time I got bored of the game and quit. Played it a bit when a DLC Character came out because I had the season pass. Then the Winter Updaye happened. I was finally able to get Master of Deande (not sure when it was patched) and thanks to bots battle have been having blasts of fun all weekend. I was having trouble getting Master of Alani as I usually hate going into PvP but I had to to do the challenge as killing Ambras in bots battle didn’t work for whatever reason beyond our control. I watched the Montana amd the Demon Bear stream and you said you’d patch it soon.

This just goes to show how, even though the player base is small and you didnt do well at launch, you still care immensely about this game and it’s player base.

Thank you for this.


…This :sunny:

I pre-ordered also. Played the beta after that.
I bought another copy just to have DD which wasn’t offered to me when I pre-ordered.


Welcome back! Bots battle is definitely a great addition to the game for everyone that wants to complete lore, achievements, title and so on.

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Battleborn is love, and Gearbox has been amazingly generous and supportive despite all the trials and tribulations this game has been through so far!