A thank you to this community

I know we are still not quite there, yet. But for the last 30 days I’ve been replaying every single of the 30 characters, missions, ops and multiplayer maps one last time before Solus goes dark.
I know aside from GenerickTag who I think I played a few games against non of you know me but I still wanted to use this opportunity to personaly thank some of you, that made this game even more awesome through your contributions back in the day. I have never encountered a community that has been so passionate, kind, hearth-warming and engaged in an beloved franchise before, than you bunch.

I probably missed some and I know some of you aren’t on this forum anymore for different reasons but I still would like to aknowlegde them.

So a big hugging thank you to: @Genericktag @beya @Benedict_87 @MentalMars @NatsumeRyu @narfkeks @nbrownlie237 @wisecarver @lowlines and of course Toby rarely known as @HandsomeCam

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I don’t know maybe we could use this thread to share some of our favourite moments from the game or other things, if anyone wants to.

I would really like to post some awesome things that happened but back then it wasn’t possible to record on the Xbox but I can atleast try to describe my favorite moments and I also collected some pics along my journey, these last few days. So here are some things about me:

How I got into Battleborn: When it was first revealed I was of course immidiately interest because I was like everyone else waiting for Borderlands 3. Back then I couldn’t really get warm with what I thought was looking a little bit childish and given that before launch Gearbox was very tight lipped what Battleborn was even about and what it would have to offer in terms of singleplayer content (if any), I quickly lost interest and that it was always online was the final nail in the coffin. Fast forward a month after release when a friend who participated in the beta told me that it indeed had a campaign and wasn’t just multiplayer PVP after all. That was when I luckily was recommended the Battleborn intro cartoon on YouTube and I fell in love, hard.

By that time as you are probably aware the game was already sold left to right for pocket money but something in me told me to get the awesome steelbook version that so lovely depicted all these awesome characters even if it costed me full price and like 8 times the cheapest available offer… I never regretted it one bit.

Me and Battleborn: If some of you unlikely do know/remember me it would be probably as either a very jump happy Thorn that would never be more than 1 second on the ground thanks to Vaulting Hero, while I would still rain headshot from above and pretty much being so eluding that I rarely died if ever or as a very capable and dangerous Miko, that would keep the whole team alive while also surprisingly killing the person who made the mistake of messing with me thanks to my very deadly and accurate combo of the stun mutation and Kunai headshots. When ever I played as Miko the chat was buzzing with admiration and thanks and I also got love letters after the match. Funnily when I played Thorn I also got mails but from the enemy team and lets just say they weren‘t so happy about how their own Thorn player was performing, compared to me :grin:

My biggest accomplishes: Well I have every single achievement (pretty much done before bot battle etc. was a thing) and have played every single character for dozens of hours. My lowest character is just shy of Lv. 13 and except 5 characters every one is 15 or up, all the way to 20. I finished around 150 mission/ops and played over 1000 matches. But all this is rather a testimony of the time I invested in this lovingly game, a whopping 401h. My proudest moment is actually something that happened just a day before recording was working :sleepy: I was playing Miko, lonely guarding point C on Temple when a Rath or OM? was making the mistake of assuming I was easy prey. After he was half way to me I had already stripped his shield and almost half his health thanks to my Kunai headshots, so he retreated down the stairs that lead to the middle of the map. I was pursuing him and just got a slight glimpse how he went right so while still racing down the steps I jerked the camera to the right and high up and threw my Spore above the brazier and lo and behold, when I turned the corner there he was, dazed and with another barrage of Kunai to the head I finished what he started. All this lasted only around 20seconds yet it is my proudest moment that I remember fondly.

My favourite things: Well there is little I don’t love, even old grumpy Kleese with his constant nagging holds a spot in my heart but if I would have to single out a few things it would be:

  1. The intro
  2. All the awesome and exciting characters.
  3. And probably the awesome banter from the spider sentries while playing Incursion. Aaah a ghost :grinning:

I really look forward to hearing your stories and see what else you post.

Lastly here are a bunch of the mentioned photos. Initiately I was going to post a picture from every character and mission but Xbox live was kinda wonky and it seems not all were uploaded and are now lost but maybe there is still something you like, oh and sorry for all the german subtitles:

The secret Toby’s Friendship Raid skin you get for destroying the 3 hidden crystal shards. You remember how we all were trying to figure this out for months :joy:

There were dragons here once, a long time ago…

Did you know you could listen to several recordings of Rendain and Ambra around this plaza?

I always loved the tutorial because it is in my opinion the only real Tempest mission. Thank god Gearbox patched in the option to replay it.

I wonder who did these. I first thought Deande but she too has a vandalized one.

Yes I even played Battleborn Tap, which has its own lovely art style too.

Did you know there are 3 secret chambers in The Sentinal where you have to traverse the traps?

You can also snipe the left corridor shard from just before jumping to the Sentinal.


We will all miss you dearly oh great Arachnis, king of all spiders.

Grandpa enjoying the sunset.

What a tease… Katagawa

This is where it happened. My best kill ever.



Some of the premium skins and taunts were sooo good. Foremost Pendles sock puppet one:

While not having played as much matches as Thorn, Miko, Galilea and Kelvin, Shayne&Aurox were one of my top 5 characters and as you can tell I loved to evily let a barrage of bumerangs ricochet in the choke point just before the sentries or landing the killing blow by just following enemies with the deemed pointless Aura of Annoyance. They never knew what hit em.

Until recently I never realized there was one of the many Ekkunar sentinals you could get up close to.

Who would have guessed that the answer to the Easter Egg hunt was hidding among the easiest available secrets… beep beep beep

Ambra’s planetarium now open.

Took me 15 runs to realize there is actually a Varelsi Conservator popping out… and thank god Wolf survived. Also he has seen things, you know…

Ride the wave, dude.

The unique Incursion tutorial map:

This was my K/D before bot battle! Not bad for a medic, right?

Ye, this wasn’t the last time this happened…

In Meltdown I once guarded a lane completely alone and had a minion kill count of a whooping 122!

Kelvin’s negative shield value + a 0 shard generator + the 30% damage reduction…
Did I mentioned that I love Kelvin’s “secret” dragon design from the side :grin:

And I made this tiniest of Thorn doodles back in 2016, see it as my contribution to this awesome community even if it is not much.

I love you hobos all.


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This is so beautiful I could cry.


It is a thing of beauty to be mentioned in a post about a game I myself didn’t even play much, which was to large parts due to me just missing the point where it would have been right to jump in.

All I can say though from all the posts I’ve seen over the years and all the lurking and active participation I did in and around these forums, is that I know that this community, may it be the Battleborn section, any of the Borderlands titles or the Brothers in Arms section, belongs to the most passionate in the world. We have amazing people around here, willing to work tirelessly in their favorite game and for that respective community, doing math, watching patterns, doing research on the level of official studies and all that just because they love what they do.

All along we have perfectionists helping the casual gamers, artists and art enthusiasts talking about the smallest details of their favorite pieces of art, the lore people, of which one guy got hired by gearbox, because he knew Battleborns lore just as well as Gearbox themselves did at the time (I’m sorry to have forgotten his name!) and all those come together to form the probably most chaotic bunch you could imagine and IT ■■■■■■■ WORKS!

We should celebrate that, every day. Battleborn was a big part of all this and it as a product may soon be gone, but the memories of those that love the game remain.



Thanks for the shoutout! The community really was the best part of this game. Heck, I liked the people here so much that I, a straight dude, bought a lesbian romance novel just because it was written by a fellow forum user whose posts I really enjoyed! It was us against the world, defending something that was really unique and special that a lot of people just couldn’t (or wouldn’t ) understand.

I think what I’ll really remember was how Battleborn was the first (and maybe only) time I heavily participated in fan creation stuff. I wrote two multi-chapter fanfics that got some very nice reviews (that I was compelled to save screenshots of before I took down all my accounts on those websites) and got the Gearbox community spotlight for making an LLC themed skin of the card game “Love Letter.” I had to train myself to use image editing software for that one. Then there were the three music videos I made using my (admittedly mediocre) gameplay highlights. I think those are still floating around on YouTube.

The game itself was great, but being part of a community like this was the real once in a lifetime experience. And remember, Orendi would NOT eat her friends!


Oh gosh…! Thanks for the shout-out, friend! I can’t WAIT to tell Berg!

Ooh…! And nice pics! That one of Alani with the night background is beautiful! Uh, not that I find Alani beautiful, I just… I mean, no! She IS beautiful, I just don’t… DAMN IT!! O-Oh my God, sorry for cursing-- look

PLEASE just don’t tell Alani about this,


I would but she’s got my number blocked an’ she’s blocked me on all social media, so ya get a pass. This time…


This game and its community are awesome. Battleborn had a huge impact on my life and is therefore dear to my heart. Currently, I’m playing Battleborn with my son. We finished the story campaign and now spend a lot of time playing Incusion.

Me and Battleborn:

I saw the announcement day-1 and I was intrigued. The following day I made my first Battleborn wallpaper. I was confused by the reveal trailer at first but once I looked at it backwards, the premise started to make sense.

The 1st cooperative gameplay introduction was great. How can you not get excited from seeing Randy and Aaron geek out about the universe they created.

I started documenting all the news on my site. Randy Varnell sometimes left a hint in his interviews or forum posts. As I picked up on those things I stared writing speculation blogs on what could be. It was fun finding out Randy started reading those and started commenting on them. Marketing Ninjas had to check up on Randy to see if he wasn’t leaking info because some of my speculation was (almost) spot on. 1 time I misunderstood a gameplay preview. The reviewers tried to mentioned you had multiple objectives during the mission The Void’s Edge. But because they used different wording, this got translated to multiple missions on Blizz. So I wrote in my overview that there were multiple missions on Blizz, however, GBX and 2K only ever mentioned 1 campaign mission on Blizz, The Void’s Edge. So they started checking up on me, LOL.

Things got weirder after E3. GBX & 2K showed off a badass trailer and I saw all these hidden details. I thought, tomorrow all the big YouTubers will have an analysis video up showcasing all these things. I waited and waited, nope. No videos. Not even the day after. I was kinda upset that we have this kickass game and no one is making any content about it. Therefore, I took it upon my own to make a video displaying all the things I could find. However, I wouldn’t do a voice over because folks will get upset about my Dutch accent and I don’t want to deal with all those negative comments. While editing the video, there was more to a certain part than I could tell with images, arrows, and text on screen. Oke, I’ll do 1 video with voice I can always take it down.

Apparently, 2K Games noticed all my content and gave me a call. I have no idea how they got my phone number. Maybe because of the biggest Borderlands fan content I won during the BLTPS days. But it was weird getting that call during my coffee break at the bakery. They actually invited me to Gamescom and get a behind the scenes presentation by Randy Pitchford.

After that, I got invited to the 2K Office here in Holland and they even took me long for a ride to play the unannounced Incursion mode at the 2K Office in England. It was unreal that I could tag along for the ride. There I finally met up with Randy Varnell. Later on during big content releases I was able to interview Randy a few times. Staying up in the middle of the night because of the 9 hour time difference, sleeping 3 hours to then bring my son to school. Crazy times, but a lot of fun!

Battleborn Day

Battleborn Day was invented by the Redit community to promote the game and help new players get started. Teach them the deeper mechanics of the game. While I promoted it, I wasn’t actively involved. A year later, David teamed up with Tachy to revive Battleborn day but they needed help spreading the word. That’s when I started to get more involved. At this point, Battleborn Day was more about what GBX did to support it. An in-game event with some free loot. A year later when we wanted to do another Battleborn Day, GBX was neck deep into Borderlands 3. It looked like they weren’t able to support the event that year. This is when things really shifted. What are we going to do when there is no in-game event? That’s when we stepped up and made it our own. A community thing! The essence of Battleborn Day. While for a lot of folks it initially was about the free loot. We managed to create something that the community could enjoy and participate in. Organizing contests, a loot hunt, and a Bro certificate was great. Lowlines and I had a awesome idea about adding badges to the certificate but because we already had a lot to do, this idea got put on hold. However, a week before Battleborn day we revived the idea and got managed to make it happen. Lowlines did such an amazing job to realize our ideas. Yes, I also did a bunch but I couldn’t have done it without the help of Lowlins & Beya. But also folks like Tachon, Natsu, JoesOs, HandsomeCam, and let’s not forget Mr. FuryPotato himself, Jim Foronda!

Sorry for the wall of text. Gotta leave it at this Baby (Oscar) Mike is waking up from his afternoon nap.


Damn it, Benedict…! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I ASKED YOU NOT TO POST THESE^ SELFIES?!?! Three hours… You spent THREE HOURS TAKING SELFIES AND TAUNTING ME BEFORE YOU LET ME OUT!! Oh, and let’s not forget the time you-

After 47 minutes of angry ranting…

-and I’ve never been able to eat Dijon mustard since!

After getting serious…

How I got into Battleborn:
So, this may come as a surprise, but nothing about Battleborn appealed to me in the months leading up to it’s release. I only bought it because a group of friends said that they were going to buy it as well, and we were pretty much only playing Warframe together at the time anyways: it was time for something new. Well, I bought the digital copy on day one, but my friends were short of funds and couldn’t. Then, when Battleborn recieved mostly lackluster reviews, my friends decided not to pick it up after all. I was pretty pissed at the time, but figured I’d get my money’s worth out of Battleborn anyways. Oh boy, did I…

Time for another shocker: I was originally a Benedict main, I’m ashamed to admit… :smirk:
It wasn’t until a couple months after release that I unlocked Toby (I wasn’t terribly invested in Battleborn even then), and fell in love with him. It was shortly after that when I joined the forums, originally to ask what his hidden taunts were, I believe; I ended up staying to keep caught up on the Battleplans. That is… until about a couple weeks after @Benedict_87 joined the forums, and I decided to bite the bullet and join him in his character role-playing. Not only did we both get a kick out of it, quite a few people on the forums seemed to enjoy our in-character banter as well, so we kept it up; and @nbrownlie237 ended up completing the Avian line-up as Ernest, much to our delight. A couple months later, Benny had started a role-playing group that originally consisted of the three us and a few others who wanted in on the fun. The rest they say… is history.

Me and Battleborn:
I don’t think it’s a secret that role-playing as Toby here on the forums has made up the overwhelming majority of my Battleborn experience, and I don’t regret a second of it. It helped me through a rough patch, and I feel like it has helped me to grow a lot as a person as well. More than anything, it was just a ton of fun. Time for me to give a shout-out to everyone who helped contribute to our crazy shenanigans, aside from my aforementioned Avian brethren:

@KrewlraiN, @Gulfwulf, @MythicFox, and everyone else that I can’t ping because of the limit of ten! Sorry! Please don’t hate me…!

Other than that, I played on PS4 with myriad awesome people, and continue to play private matches regularly with a special group of nutjobs, who will I now also give shout-outs to:

@AncientBelgareth, @Codarik (the other two members of “Team Arctic”; the former being our Icestorm Montana, and the latter our Kelvin) and the rest that don’t have accounts here, or weren’t included because I can only ping ten people!

My biggest accomplishments:

Well, aside from having the honor of being allowed to make a small contribution to Battleborn Days 2018 and 2019 in the form of the lore quiz (thanks again for letting me help out with the festivities, @MentalMars, @lowlines, @beya and the rest!), my only real “accomplishment” in the Battleborn community is being associated with Toby to the point that random strangers on the forums and PSN messaged me to let me know how much they enjoyed my silly antics in the form of role-playing as him. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… :grin:

Annnnd the fact that I’ve been towing the line with a fifth-warning perma-ban here for the sheer amount of off-topic role-playing comments since 2017 is… well, yeah… sorry about that. :sweat_smile: The mods here have had quite a bit of patience with me. That’s their accomplishment though, for which I thank them.

That’s about it, I guess… Unless, of course, you guys want me to spend the next month typing out my thoughts about Toby. :smirk:


Even though I could barley play the game (old PC and the over the top flash and some environments were too overstimulating), the actual universe of battleborn though roleplay was quite an experience, almost life changing in ways… Roleplay is too damn therapeutic and I learned alot about myself though the lenses of an indomitable AI I RPed as, that somehow crossed GB franchises lol!!

Sad to see such a rich universe loose support, because if you had folks RP this, you know its good stuff!


So you want to hear a story, eh?

Breaking Character: (Although most of my posts have been OOC lately.)

Battleborn was not even remotely on my radar until about a month before release. I had no idea it even existed, although I was a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise and had played every game in the series up to that point. It is very likely I would have overlooked it had my brother not said, “You should install the open public beta.”

Well, of course since my brother recommended it, I rolled my eyes and walked away. Why should I install an unfinished game that I’m not going to have access to in a week’s time? I could play actual finished games that have been accumulating in my Steam library. Cut to the end of the week, when his comment, “It’s replacement Borderlands,” piqued my interest in a moment of boredom.

INTERRUPTING DISCLAIMER: Battleborn is not, and never was a replacement for Borderlands.

It was at that moment, on a random whim to see what “replacement Borderlands” was that I said, “Ah, screw it,” and installed the open public beta for Battleborn. The first character I played as was Marquis. Why Marquis? Because I was on a sniper kick and because robots.

I played The Algorithm for the first time as Marquis, and instantly fell in love with ISIC, Geoff, and the ridiculous dialogue and banter between them. There was some confusion over the mechanics at first, and ISIC suddenly turning into a floating head while I was being tossed around in mid-air was an “oh ■■■■” moment, but I was fully hooked by the end of the first mission.

I played a little incursion, and found it interesting. I also pissed off my teammates by having absolutely no idea what I was doing. HOW DARE I NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME I NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE WHICH HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!!!

Still, I was hooked based on the single player campaigns, and when the open beta ended, I decided to pick up the deluxe gold shiny edition, and also picked up the game for my brother and a friend.

My first main was Miko. Those of you who know me as, “That ■■■■■■■ who role plays Benedict on the forums” may be surprised to know that I played a lot of support in the beginning, with Miko, and eventually Kleese becoming my two most played characters. Then I unlocked Benedict and… I truly sucked at playing him. Multiplayer matches, I got my ass handed to me. Single player matches, I got taken out. A lot.

But damn if I didn’t love the character. Benedict is absolutely nothing like me. He’s outgoing, taunts relentlessly, is completely obnoxious and aggressive, is absolutely obsessed with weapons, has a love for himself that borders on a mental disorder, and is completely unapologetic on all these points. I didn’t fully understand at the time why I loved the character, and neither did anyone else. And… I kind of liked how inexplicable my obsession with the character was to everyone else. So I stuck with him, and got to the point where I was pretty decent. I was never an elite player, but I was competent enough not to be embarrassingly bad.

I started posting on the Gearbox forums back in May of 2016, when the game was starting to lose some of its player base due to glitches and the popularity of a certain other game that shall not be named. Having played through the entire single player game multiple times, I had started to get into the multiplayer experience, and was infrequently greeted with what would eventually become the final form of Battleborn’s multiplayer experience: endless lobbying. I believe I started posting here due to these wait times, and my first few posts were more or less commentaries on the multiplayer experience.

Having exhausted my vast insightful commentary on PVP in three brief posts, and having nothing of value to offer the community in the way of statistics, meta builds, and game guides, I made two shitposts about waffles and didn’t post again for a month. I revisited the forums infrequently during this time, and found I really enjoyed @EdenSophia’s Battleborn character banter posts. (I know she’s no longer active here, but I feel like giving her credit, and you can probably find some of her old posts through the @.)

I have always enjoyed acting and writing, and I was growing disillusioned with making videos for YouTube that people either didn’t understand were satire or didn’t watch. I hadn’t bothered to get involved with the local theater community yet, and typing up in-character posts seemed like a lot of fun. I had already selected Benedict as my avatar, so I decided to start posting in-character as Benedict, inspired by EdenSophia.

Thus began my Battleborn role play/fanfiction adventure. Believe it or not, Benedict was my first time role playing like this in an online forum, and my first time writing actual honest to goodness fanfiction. And it was a hell of a lot of fun. In fact, it was so fun, I was considering making a second Gearbox account so I could also role play as Toby and then have them argue. It is probably for the best that never happened because I would have been banhammered hard if I had tried it, not just for the fact that making alt accounts is forbidden, but also because I had an occasional tendency to take the role play too far, which is how I met @Ganjamira, an extraordinarily talented artist and writer who was also (is still?) a mod here on the Gearbox forums. I think she may be directly responsible for my ability to never take the sillies far enough to get myself banned, and somehow, as of the time I’ve posted this, I still have yet to receive a ban in spite of all of my BS.

And a good thing I wasn’t banned, because if I had been banned, I never would have started in-character banter with @HandsomeCam, our local Toby role player, and would have missed out on many, many days of fun writing ridiculous scenarios and backstories for our heroes of Solus. Eventually we drew in @nbrownlie237, as Cam has said earlier in this thread, who personified the third in the trio of Battleborn aviants, and @timtoborne, our Whiskey Foxtrot who was banhammered into oblivion, but who I will still @ because I can.

Eventually we started multiple role play and fanfiction threads of our own including…
(Oh no… not shameless self promotion… dear god no!!!)


…among others.
We also started a series of private chat threads and met many friends along the way, some of whom we still banter with in private, most of whom have moved on, and a select few of whom who have become bitter enemies. Regardless of where our lives have taken us, and will take us in the future, I am still thankful for the good times we had together. Even if interpersonal conflict and drama have driven some of us apart, and even though many of us have moved on, I still thank you all for the wonderful times we’ve had together. There are too many of you to mention in @'s, because apparently there’s a limit to how many of those I can put in here, and especially since I’ve already wasted three of those on people who are no longer with us like a jackass, but I would @ you all if I could.

Ah screw it, I’ll mention five more people who I know are still around. @Gulfwulf, @KrewlraiN, @zadymek, @loving-hatred, @TheNEWCampbell.



I directly credit my time with Battleborn, and more specifically Battleborn role play on these forums for…

Motivating me to get involved in local theater again.
Motivating me to start writing again. (I’m working on a novel!)
Encouraging me to play as an offensive character instead of always picking a support. HUNTING HORN IS NOT A SUPPORT WEAPON GODDAMMIT!!! IT IS A HAMMER OF JUSTICE THAT POUNDS OUT FABULOUS TUNES AS A BONUS!!!
Motivating me to join Discord.
Being my first role play experience.
Being my first fanfiction experience.
Creating a potentially problematic mental disorder in the form of Head Benedict.


And finally… for giving me memories that will last a lifetime. Until the alzheimer’s or dementia sets in. That’s gonna suck.

The public role play on the forums started dying a little while back, and I killed my involvement about a year ago. With the official announcement that the servers were shutting down, I knew it was time to move on and that it would be unhealthy of me to keep trying to get people involved by shrieking at them to JOIN ME IN MY BATTLEBORN ROLE PLAY??? But I still enjoy popping by every now and then to talk with some of the cool people I’ve met here.

Gearbox, I absolutely feel like I got my money’s worth with Battleborn, and while I hate to see it go for good, I have no regrets. Others may bitch about how they payed full price just for it to go on sale a few weeks later, but I won’t. Oh, I’ll complain about other things: like the fact that BL3 was an Epic exclusive for 6 months; or the fact that the cosmetics store was a super high priority in Battleborn when there were still unaddressed game breaking glitches. But dammit, I do it out of love. LOVE dammit!


Hears gun cocking.

Okay, okay, okay! No touching! No touching! Just… thanks for the good times. That’s all.

Walks out.
Pops head back in.

Girl, why ya gotta make it so hard for me to love y—

A bullet whizzes through his crest feathers. He darts off.

Okay! Okay! I’m done! Great Eagle dammit!


Holy sh*t, did not expect to get mentioned in a post like this. Thanks for the mention dude. This is the only game community I’ve ever actually been properly involved in, and I don’t think I’ll ever see a better one - even if I’m not around so much these days, I’ll still be lurking for a little while.

I originally got into Battleborn thanks to finishing Borderlands 2 way back around the end of 2014, ish. I was running off a garbage laptop I’d bought cheap for my last year of high school, but it was a pretty fun game, so I thought heck - these Gearbox fellas seem to make half decent games, might as well look up what else they have. A brief google search lead me to the trailer here:

Which I thought looked pretty damn interesting, but then I promptly forgot about the whole thing and went back to playing Portal for a year or so, until a beta notification came up somewhere in my email. Took me a day and a half to download the damn thing on my trash internet, but I fired up, and promptly pre-ordered the game after a few hours. Even though the beta only had two missions it was easy enough to see the quality of the worldbuilding. The dialogue was absolutely top-notch, the whole thing didn’t take itself too seriously, and on top of that, it was the most fun I’d had in a multiplayer game in a fair while.

I started off as a Thorn main, which was ironic, as my aim was far too garbage to really be playing a sniper class. I stuck with it however, and got familiar enough with her kit to hold my own in pvp - just in time to see the player count drop like a stone, which is what brought me here. I played through the singleplayer campaign multiple times and loved every minute of it, and the Ops when they came out were just icing on the cake. Often I’d fire up a mission and completely ignore the main objective to just wander around looking at the scenery and enjoying the ambience - still do, occasionally.

I gave Ernest a halfhearted run through the Algorithm when he first was released, didn’t do great, and promptly forgot about him for a while. A month or two later I rolled him in an all-random PVP match, and for some reason everything just clicked. Kills somewhere in the 20s and I’m pretty sure I died maybe four or five times, tops. Still not sure why, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more comfortable with a character’s abilities/weapons/kit ever before, and probably won’t again. Ernest and Thorn still remain my top two, and I’ll dearly miss being able to murder things as them - though I’m still probably going to obnoxiously ping everyone on my steam list at some point soon in the hopes of one last hurrah.

And gameplay’s one thing, but the worldbuilding. My god, the worldbuilding. For a multiplayer-focused game that didn’t really take itself too seriously, Battleborn has such an incredible universe. I might be biased because of all the creative liberties we took with it when RPing, but the characters and world have such incredible depth to them. The lore, the dialogue, the environment, the characters themselves, all had such incredible potential to them. I really can’t put into words how much this universe means to me - as a game it was never perfect, but I loved it all the same.

As for the forums, I stuck around here when I found out they posted update news, and aside from occasional assorted arguing, mostly just lurked. I can’t remember when it first happened, but at some point I ran into @Benedict_87 and @HandsomeCam plus a few others roleplaying in one thread or another, and thought that with two aviants already it might be funny if I chucked in a response as Ernest. One of the best decisions of my life. I had exactly zero writing or roleplaying experience, but somehow I managed to bullsh*t my way onwards, and discovered I was actually having a shitton of fun with it. Other people seemed to find it funny as well so I figured I might as well continue - so long as someone else was laughing it was all worth it to me.

It evolved into a huge scale storytelling with an insane degree of borderline-nonsensical shenanigans and I ended up, creatively speaking, in completely over my head. But damn if it wasn’t a f*cking great time. I met a wonderful group of people on here who I’ve shared some very fond memories with, and I’m honoured to consider close friends. This place - and by extension, the Battleborn universe - became something of a refuge for me, allowing a welcome degree of escapism during some extremely low periods in my life which I won’t go into detail about. I’m unspeakably grateful to everyone I know on here simply for being around - I wouldn’t be the person I am now without you.

So yeah. This universe has been a part of my life for almost five years now. I’ve grown up with it. It’s been with me through four jobs, five different flats, two different attempts at education, long periods of bankruptcy and several other life-changing events. It’s given me an escape from reality when I needed it the most, uncounted treasured memories, numerous strong friends and a newfound fondness for grenade launchers. I’m not gonna sit here and try to @ mention everyone (I’d be here all night), but you all know who you are. Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey. I owe you guys.

And at this point, I’ve run out of words. I was never the best with words, and to describe how much I loved this universe and its community requires more words than I could ever hope to find. Thanks for everything.


And yet you perfectly captured my own thoughts on just what the Battleborn community here on the forums has meant to me, here:


And here:

Okay, that last one might be forged… :smirk:

Still, you get my point: Don’t sell yourself short, because I cannot recall to mind a creative post of yours that hasn’t at least made me smile, if not outright laugh. You ARE Ernest to me, brother birb.


A wonderful post.

I will also be quite sad to see it go, as I was a big fan of the characters and setting - and the game’s playful sensibility. I still play it regularly, albeit in the various single player modes.


We had a good run, and I’m enjoying it 'til the end.

Thank you to the community.

How BB changed my life:
Met @Kitru irl. I originally met them on the BB forums (and then later online/the discord), then later became my roomate. We’re BFFs.
Got to try tabletop games more because they ran a BB homebrew (I miss my characters!).
Started LARPing thanks to them.
Just generally got to do more since I’m so introverted and they enabled me to do things. Great life experiences.

I love streaming this game.
Love speedrunning.
Love completing challenges/marking off things (collecting gear).
Love the game’s flavour.
Love playing the game.

The BB Days were experiences.
The Chocktaw Festival of Gaming Tournament was an experience.
Being on the discord has been an experience.
Being a part of the community has been an experience.

All the best guys.
I’m working on finishing a few things before the end next month.
If someone with the right skills was able to get this game offline I sure wouldn’t hate starting over, or playing modded servers with numbers changed.


I’m sure there’s someone with the skills to do it, but we don’t have access to the source code and I don’t think reverse engineering what we do have access to would help.


I’ve looked into it briefly. I feel like it might be possible, depending on what data is stored server-side and which data is stored client-side. The tools used for this sort of thing however are generally used for other purposes and can’t be discussed here.


Not sure what I did to deserve a mention, but needless to say it was a pleasant surprise now when I decided to check in on the forums ahead of Battleborn’s final week. Needless to say Battleborn’s been a fantastic and unique game like no other.


Oh man… It’s kinda weird… So close before the final curtain call… I’m getting all emotional.

I doubt anyone remembers me, since I barely interacted with this site and/or community, ESPECIALLY after getting all the Lore and Stuff from the Operations… And Battleborns End probably won’t help… Because honestly, I’m not very invested in any other Gearbox IP.

Even so, I hope Gearbox is in full control of Characters, Lore and so on, so they have a way of somehow reusing the Battleborn Universe in some new Form without having to make deals with 2K for it…

An Animated movie, A Cartoon Series, Easter Eggs in Borderlands… whatever they might be using Battleborn for, Anything is better than NOTHING.

I can stomache the Game being gone, even if it means all the Taunts and Skins I got via MTX are gone too (lots of money going to waste for me)… But well, all I really tried to do by buying these, was to support Battleborn with it, so now my dearest wish is that it will be given a new Life…

Battleborn staying alive WAS why I spent the Money after all.

Ever since I heard Battleborn is gonna become unplayable… It was painful to hear Rendain talk about how futile everything is, suddenly the Story became “too real”.

This kept me from playing this Game more, because I suddenly had this Hollow feeling while playing, something that I usually have when I’m kinda burned out, just play a game to “appease” my Brother (because he really likes it and I don’t care about it at all) or back in the 90s/early 2000’s days when I used to goof around in games with Cheats or in Debug Mode… This Hollow feeling of “What am I even doing here?”

This very recently changed into an urge to replay the Game and Capture Stuff… Suddenly the last few Days I played it like a Mad Man…

I played lots of Matches Vs. Bots to complete the Missing “Main Quests” and then played through all the Story Missions and of course I let the Ending Animation run… And Deande saying “May our Battle never end”… Made me really sad all of a sudden.

It’s been hours but all I can think of is that line.

I now kinda feel ashamed for all the Time I did literally NOTHING or played other old games just to “finish them up”… all that Time… It could have been spent recording Gameplay or arranging meetings to farm loot or play some PvP (although I don’t like that, playing Vs. real opponents brings the worst out of me and I’m not even good at it)…

But I’ll be busy tomorrow, so at best I can make some time to Capture some Taunts… No more Looting…

Fun Fact: No matter how many times I tried to get a Max Roll “Oath of the Sustained” I NEVER got one and whenever my Friend Tagged along and we got the Gear, he got one with Max Roll!

He even send me a Video Showing his 3 Max Roll OotS… That’s quite frustrating.

But not as frustrating as PvP related Nerfs making Characters worse in Story mode too…

Or getting stuck on the Sentinel for destroying his Shards too quickly… Before that was fixed.

So yeah again, it’s not so much the Game Itself that I’ll be missing… It is the Battleborn Universe I’ll be missing.

There better be SOME Plans to do SOMETHING NEW with the Battleborn Universe, or else that Rendain Teaser will haunt me in my Nightmares… Forever!

A most undesirable Fate… Or as Galilea would put it “Death would be a relief…”

So, if anyone hears as much as a Rumor of something New Battleborn’s Future, you better not forget to tell me.

I want to know it. I mean it.

Unlike ISIC that Records Someone’s Last Words just to instantly delete them!