A theory on the Sirens

Oh, BTW, throwing this out, the Destroyer was an eridian superweapon. Jack lied, it is hinted at A LOT

Anyway, the Sirens each have an element. 6 Elements as of BL:PS, 6 sirens

Maya is Corrosive, obviously

Also obviously, Lilith

Then, we have the less obvious choices

Steele is Cyro, since she can’t seem to use her powers in combat. That is because of the atmosphere. Also, the albinism slightly hints to it

Angel is Explosive - her abilities are mostly conjuring items, and explosive is the most physical. Also, Explosive tends to be the most obviously technology, and her abilities are technological.

So, now we have to find the current Explosive and Cyro.

We also see 2 extra sirens in the “Origins” comic (not counting the dead one that gave Lilith her powers)

Thus, they are Shock and Slag

Adding on to the theory, Aurelia may be the Cyro siren replacing Steele since we never see her arms and she is skilled in Cyro.

Maya and Lilith are also Fire. Lots of Fire. And they can both deal shock damage through their siren powers as well. Maya can also deal slag damage (and it looks like they added that to Lilith judging by he nature of the phase blasts she unleashes during the fight at the Firehawk’s lair.)

Steele phase shifts, and some of her hits seem to be boosted by something. I’d speculate explosive.

The only thing we know about Angel’s skill is that she has some connection with computer circuitry. If I was to speculate about an associated damage type, I’d go more with shock.

I do not believe Aurelia is a siren - no crazy tatoos on that one.