A thesis on elemental resistance and bosses

So this thread is an offshoot of a previous thread of mine.

This topic was originally intended to be a single post in a list of improvements borderlands could implement if an HD remaster came to next gen consoles, and gearbox saw fit to release a new patch to the game, like the handsome collection. I found that this idea seemed to make me consider more things than could fit in a single line. So here is what i found.

I do not like that I walked into a knoxx-trap fight with a hyperion helix corrosive launcher, and it did nothing to him. I might have noticed some elemental immunity before, but elemental rocket launchers count as a proc, which is the same thing as DOT damage, apparently. This isnt really a big deal by itself, but if you are a brick with just rocket launchers and not much else, and your current explosive one is a bit dinky, youd probably quit playing. I dont like mobs that are totally immune to every DOT and most of a certain class of weapons because they are supposed to be tough. If they are so tough, why do they need a handicap on me? Knoxx is tough as it is, especially the original fight, when he has a ton of support, including healing. Its just personal preference, but it just seems lazy to me that like half of the bosses you fight have this property just thrown in as a little F you.

So here is a list of the bosses i have tested so far to have elemental damage resistances.

Knoxx (and knoxx-trap)
Mothrakk (come on, you cant tell me a giant burning or electrified rakk corpse falling out of the sky wouldnt be awesome)
Widow maker*
Queen tarantella
Rakk hive (god forbid the damage sponge be able to take DOT)
The destroyer

*I fought some bosses that had no elemental damage resistance that i will put a shout out to after this post, but one i had to stop to talk about was widow maker, the spider ant you fight in rust commons east. I found out something interestng about widowmaker, shese immune to both corrosion and electricity, but not fire. I actually thought this was pretty cool, and that corrosive wave attack is awesome.

So why dont i care about widow maker’s elemental damage resistance? Well, thats because i realized i dont think elemental proc immunity by itself is cheap. It makes sense that elemental creatures would be immune to their element. But it doesnt feel cheap, because it is pretty obvious after youve played for a little while. As soon as you see them, you know to switch guns if youre using their matching element. The cool thing to me is that widow maker is both blue, and green. It just shows me the devs put a little more effort into this side mission boss than a lot of the main story bosses. It kinda reminds me of the bloodwing fight in the second game. Bloodwing was pan-elemental, but wasnt immune to ALL OF THEM at ALL TIMES.

*Another interesting case was Bleeder. He is also immune to all DOT, aside from radiance, but he TAKES ELEMENTAL ROCKET DAMAGE! Albiet not a lot, but this actually shows me there is a way for elemental rockets to work, and also have enemies be immune to elemental DOT.

I dont like when a mechanism that can be used quite well in some cases is abused more often than not to limit the ways you can fight certain enemies. Yeah, i know knoxx takes a lot of corrosive damage, but it isnt really satisfying when the bullet damag numbers come and go, then you have nothing to show for it. Corrosive is supposed to mainly be about its damage over time, and damage amplification effect, neither of which you can use on knoxx, a pretty tough boss as is.

So am i alone on this? Granted, most people who play BL1 have probably never put thought into this issue, but ive spent a lot of time lately dwelling on many different aspects of this game. I feel like i have a firm grasp on what i like and dont like about this game. Enough to think that some people might care to hear my opinions, at least.

Bosses that DO get affected by elemental proc and DOT are:
Roid rage psycho
One eyed jack
Taylor kobb
Baron flynt
Master Mcloud

Mostly human type enemies, but 1 or 2 creatures. Also, if you see that i missed some bosses, there are some reasons for that. 1, i focused on the base game only, aside from knoxx. 2, the ones who dont respawn arnt here because i didnt feel like doing another playthrough just to get data on a few more guys that should respawn in the first place.