A Third Game Mode Designed for Competitive

My suggestion would be to implement CTF (Capture The Flag) in battleborn and we may use CTF as the 3rd game mode to break a 1-1 series. Thoughts?

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I feel this would go in the same direction as Face off and Capture, it’s too CoD/FPS-like. The game has good MOBA aspects and the faster paced game modes are definitely it’s weakest points, unfortunately there are quite a few of those already. Meltdown not as much, but Capture and Face Off are not really competitive, those are more fast paces modes that have nothing to do with/go against the core gameplay mechanics. If there’s another game mode, it is going to have to beat out Incursion’s popularity and still hold the interest of veterans of the game as well as entrapping the new players.

I would support a “Gearless Matchmaking” where gear is locked off from use in the competitive modes. This is more of a test of skill. Or modes where certain types of characters are locked off (Aka no healer mode or No Tank mode). Or, a mode where characters were classified as say healer, tank, assassin, support and sniper (for 5v5s) where there cannot be multiples of certain character classes on one team. So when one tank is picked, all the other tanks are locked off from that team. Or a sniper is picked and all the sniper characters are locked off from that team. Game modes that challenge the veterans and entice the new people is what we need, not gimicky game modes to be more mainstream like the CoDs

Also Capture the flag is butts cause a team can grab all the fastest characters (orendi, melka, rath, kelvin, pendles, caldarius, benedict and Kid ultra) to win quick. Compelling game modes>faster game modes. face-Offs lackluster introduction proved that.


Capture already works fine as a tie breaker. And I like capture. But nothing can compare to the thrill of competitive face off. The modes we have now are fine and can be worked with, so instead of taking a gamble on a new mode id rather just have a new set of maps and hope we don’t get another echelon.


Well battleborn is a MOBA/FPS which is why I thought implementing CTF would be somewhat of a good idea.
I honestly wouldn’t mind only incursion in competitive, add MORE MAPS, balance characters and call it a day.
@Nemosis327 I didn’t watch the finals of the HGL due to practice on Paladins. How did the match go? I like capture as well though didn’t HGL implement face-off?

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Yes well the whole face off thing ended up being incredibly one sided and I got the feeling that only about four of us total for both teams had a really good handle on what was going on. We were really experimenting on the fly as we never expected to get to face off. I ended up just minding my own business and collecting masks completely unopposed.


So business as usual?


I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but HGL has updated their rules so that the tie-breaker mode is now Capture. This seems to be directly due to how the single Face-Off match went.

With your remark in mind, I don’t necessarily agree with the change. Between the two modes, my opinion is that Face-Off has more depth to build strategy, utilize team composition, and counter-pick.

If so few players knew the mode well enough, I would think it would be better to give potential teams time to learn them, and then judge at the next tournament.

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@Garrus_Sniper @Nemosis327

What would you guys say are some of the most optimal team compositions for Face-Off?

Whenever we play, it seems like everyone on both teams just goes with whoever the hell they feel like playing, although I feel like I see a lot Galis, Kleeses, Attikus’, Pendles and Deandes.

The number one pick for competitive face off is El Dragon :wink:

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Great games today, by the way!

Nice to play WITH you two, rather than AGAINST you!

Pendles and Deande can go the entire game collecting masks, they are virtually impossible to track and keep down/low on masks as they can traverse the map undetected and without much contact with the opposing team. @Nemosis327 record for masks, if I am not mistaken, is over 400 while the rest of us on the team just harrassed the enemies until we got bored and he turned his masks in. The marking system doesn’t matter for Deande/Pendles because the rest of the team can distract enough to let competent Deande/Pendles players farm masks for a very easy victory.

Galilea and Kleese can camp the mask deposit center with ease. Allowing the Pendles/Deande to collect as much masks as they want as most teams are too preocupied trying to uproot the combination/singular force of Galilea and Kleese at the mask deposit station.

I personally only play Incursion, so Face Off I couldn’t really tell ya much about, I thought that game mode was just another camp fest game where it was slaughter as soon as one team got too far ahead or turned into spawn/kill farming. Which was true for 95% of the games I played in Face off during the time Battleborn’s matchmaking lobby was Quickplay only for a time. out of ten face off games there were only ever 1 or 2 competitive/edge of your seat honest good games of face off, the rest were virtual curb stomps.

As far as team comps go Galilea, Deande, Pendles and Kleese are the strong meta for Face off, with characters like Rath and Montana being a good strong 5th, but truthfully it depends on player skill level and team members/ if the team is a 5 man or not.


We should have stuck with you, had nothing but frustrating games with randoms afterwards!
People highlighting characters that you try to base your choice around only for them to pick a second support etc.

Can’t be helped I suppose!


Hmmm. I like the idea of a more competitive-based mode, but probably not CTF. What would be cool would be a classic MOBA mode, with larger three-lane maps.


Oh well!

I know it was nothing personal…hope that i personally lived up to you guys’ standards!


I know this wasn’t directed at me, but figured I would share my thoughts anyways.

In my head it breaks down into the following categories:

  • stealth
  • tanky/sustain
  • territorial
  • assassin
  • area denial

Stealthy characters (as already mentioned) are great for just easily getting around the map, killing varelsi for masks, and turning in their masks unnoticed. Tanky characters are also good for holding onto masks and should be able to take a beating when turning them in. Territorial characters can camp at the collector to prevent opponents from turning masks in and/or reveal stealthy characters. This would include characters with knock backs, pulls, and stuns, to disrupt an enemy attempting to turn in masks. Assassins go around and can harass the enemy team and steal their masks via kills, or escort a tanky character to prevent ganks from happening. Lastly, area denial characters can harass the campers away from the collector, while at the same time creating a space for teammates to safely turn in their masks (e.g. Standing in Oscar Mike’s ultimate to turn in masks).

You can also incorporate economy gear builds to keep varelsi spawners up and build those ronin-like bots (can’t remember what they’re called).

I think the character that touches on most of these qualities would be Shayne and Aurox. They have the stealth, sustainability, ability to gank, pull/stun, and area denial (via ultimate) that would make them all around a top pick for the mode.

There are obviously other good characters for this, but this post is long enough already. Perhaps I’ll add more later.

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Well, in terms of Stealth characters, as you mentioned. Deande and Pendles have the top Stealth abilities,providing ample escape routes via their invisible trigger (Deande creates a clone that attacks and Pendles typically blinds). So they are top picks for Stealth and generate the mosts amounts of masks

Tanky characters: Galilea (with just her everything because Gearbox refuses to nerf her) and Montana (with the pop-up lumberjack and ice storm abilities) provide everything you want in a tank: dangerous, distractions for the other team (have a Galilea going around in enemies faces and see where the entire team’s focus is, collecting masks or trying to get Galilea to back off). Both Galilea and Montana can also double as area denial as they can deter mass turn ins by themselves.

Territorial wise Kleese in Face Off is near king. His rift network make it tough aslong as he has someone tanky to take the lead and he can follow behind the tank quickly. He makes getting in and out a nightmare when turning in masks.

Assassin wise, again, Deande and Pendles just have too much run of the map, but Shayne could be considered a third, but because of Shayne’s limited time invisible and her loud as hell indicator that they are invisible it makes her hard to qualify her in the same league as Pendles and Deande.


I strongly support this idea!

I’m really glad the third game mode has more positive feedback than I had expected. If anyone cares, I’m THE GUY that had brought this up to HGL because I thought it wasn’t fair to have Meltdown twice (the team who won first is still likely to win because they can choose if they have team A or Team B, assuming they lost the incursion match). but if some hate me for changing that up, Sorry guys!

See that would require people to want to

Like everywhere else

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