A Third Game Mode Designed for Competitive

In my opinion, Incursion is really the only main way to settle competitive matchups, that not to say the other modes can be competitive, but Incursion is more intesnse and requires more coordination amongst teams. If a team pulls ahead in Capture, Face Off, and Meltdown it can be impossible to catch up via score/objective. In Incursion there is more opportunity for competitive comebacks.

I dunno I just work here dude. That question is above the pay grade of someone who only really invests in the Deande portion of the game.

But yea attikus gets work done

I agree, I said earlier I wouldn’t mind INCURSION only but only if we receive MORE maps (different sizes as well)

You’re employed by Gearbox?

sorry for the misconception. No I am not. that “i just work here dude” line was a reference going around work for the past week and I guess i got a little carried away with it. ma bad.

but wouldn’t that be cool tho?


That’s an understatement, HE GETS ■■■■ DONE


Haha, my wife and I queue mostly solo so we don’t really have standards! We had domestic tasks to do and didn’t want to keep you waiting/keep a spot from someone else :smile:

Only three things I would like to see in my team:

  1. Try not to die.
  2. Attack minions
  3. Don’t change your character select at the last second.

Don’t think this is too much to expect of competent players but all my rules were broken when we went back to PUGs :frowning:

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I would agree with the more maps portion of Incursion, but the thing is I also feel that Overgrowth is the most competitive map. It’s doesn’t take a fortnight to traverse like Monuments and it’s not cheesy as ■■■■ like Echelon (worst map in my opinion). Overgrowth promotes multiple ways of thinking and can be very competitive.

If anyone here plays competitive Smash Bros Melee (like REAL man’s competitive Smash Bros Melee) Incursion on Overgrowth is like that final game on Final Destination in Melee, it’s basic, doesn’t promote disgusting cheap techniques like Echelon or Monuments (by cheap I mean Ernest flicking grenades from halfway across the map in Monuments or Marquis shooting the second sentry from the stairs before the first sentry on Echelon).

There is center focus on lane, wave push is essential, again the cheap sneaky tactics aren’t so rewarded and the map itself actually protects the sentries. Echelon and Monuments are too open for real competitive play in a tournament setting. There’s a reason why games like Melee have map restrictions, to limit people to competitive/professional play. Overgrowth, simply is that same map for competition.


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I AGREE!! Overgrowth really is the best map for competitive, for the reasons you stated above. More maps like overgrowth would be the best thing, though of course with it’s own twist. The map is balanced. Someone brought up the idea of bringing a Classic Moba gamemode, the three lane map with the jungles, etc. I wouldn’t mind that either. That would be pretty cool lol.

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