A thought about Guardian Rank perks

I’ve been thinking about GR perks and how things would be if you could only pick a limited amount of them at the same time (and could only change those picks on a customization station).

In the current system everyone that’s unlocked them adds the same benefits to all their characters but making it a limited choice instead would mean more diverse and differing picks for different characters and players.

Want Overkill, Hollowpoint and Harmageddon or C-C-Combo? Go ahead but perhaps FFYL for you would no longer be the kind of faceroll it is right now. Topped Off trivializing AS Cooldowns and somewhat devaluing cooldown rate skills? You could still pick it but it would mean you wouldn’t get something else, or maybe you’d spec for the cooldown rate skill and pick another GR perk instead.

Perhaps you could be picking 3-6 from all you have or maybe 1-2 from each category. Obviously with the current perks there are some very clear cut winners and losers but some of the worse ones could be buffed or combined into single perks to give them more value in a limited system (not to mention so that they’d fit on a single page). For example Lead or alive and Bullet collector would be pretty bad picks as they are but combine them into one and maybe some people would pick it.

The guardian rank requirements to unlock them could be removed and make it so that disabling your GR rank wouldn’t disable your perks as they’d be more of a build choice now. Basically remove the “GR” from “GR Perks” and make them a separate thing so the options are available to everyone without having to spend hundreds of hours unlocking them.

Also I understand that some people immediately see red because this is essentially a nerf but smell the flowers and remember it’s just an idea.

Any thoughts on this?