A thousand names for sand

I unlocked the trophy/achievement “master of all you survey” and the trophies for the rest of the regions, visited everywhere on Pandora multiple times on Amara and Zane. All the locations proc by saying now entering “here”. I go into fast travel and press r3 on each individual zone and they are 6/6 15/15 and so on, but in orbit view I press r3 on Pandora and it says 77/78. Any suggestions?

Did u by chance visit The Slaughter Shaft? Its the circle of slaughter on Pandora that can be traveled to in Konrads Hold

Yes I’ve beaten it on mayhem 4

I don’t know if the eridian proving grounds count, but there’s 2 on Pandora. Have u discovered all 6 of those?

I did. Got that trophy today actually lol

Hmmmm, I’m not sure. So every map on Pandora is 100% in terms of locations discovered when u click in and check?

Just went to Slaughter Shaft on a character that hadn’t been there before and the trophy popped. Thanks

Sweet! Glad u got it figured out