A time constrained plea to Gearbox

TLDR; I bought a PC just to play this game, should I return the PC?

I really don’t want to come off with this question as a ‘I’m more important than anyone else here’, and I truly cringe whenever I see a post demanding a dev response. But I urge you to hear my case.

I have not owned a PC in several years (Mac, Linux user). I never asked for Mac/Linux support. I knew that if I want to play this old love of mine again, I would need a PC.

So on top of the pre-order, and additional steam purchase because my pre-order was delayed (my fault, billing information change between time of order and time of charge), I bought a PC

I spent over $1k for this game, and this is not the Homeworld I remember.

Here is my plea:

Please communicate to us if the issues with formations, tactics, support, and guard systems CAN be fixed. I’m not asking for them to be fixed tomorrow, I just need to know if they can and if they are in your pipeline.

You have my money. I would never dream of demanding a refund (the packaging of the pre-order alone is worth it to me, I LOVE my Mothership). But I do have a 14 day return policy on this laptop I bought, and If the game is going to continue without feeling remotely like HW1, I would like to return this machine. I have 9 more days.

You will still have a fan, I will still monitor what is going on, I will still consider buying a new PC down the line if you develop HW3. But please don’t allow me to hang on to a waisted investment ($1000 is a lot to me) for something that is either not possible, or something that is of no concern to you.

@BitVenom, @joekgbx


Hi @ratamaq,

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to go down the list and confirm future patch contents.

To put your mind at ease though, I would just say this: You’re clearly a very passionate fan of Homeworld (and thank you for that, btw) and I think it will make you happy to know that the Dev team is as well. Believe me when I tell you that no one in the world wants Homeworld to meet/exceed its potential more than the team that lovingly works on it day in and day out. They understand HW and care very much about presenting it in a way that fans will appreciate.

Having said that, I think you should enjoy your computer and enjoy Homeworld!



I appreciate your reponse. However, I’m scared that ‘love for the game’ by the folks working on this may not be enough. My question is more CAN it be fixed?

Can I at least expect the formation issue to be addressed in a blog post or communication before my time runs out? Even if it’s a ‘yes it can, but it will be a while’ would be enough.



Totally understand where you’re coming from here. Unfortuately, we can’t make any promises on time tables for updates of any kind, be they announcements or patches.

The answer is: NO :unamused: Our only hope is in modders hands… :smiling_imp: Hey, but don’t return you PC… I mean notebook. You can still play on it a lot of awesome games like Duke Nuken Forever or Alien: Colonial Marines! :+1:



You could always return the laptop, and if the game is fixed (aka, lurk the forums) rebuy it later.


For the moment, that is my plan.

To me, this is probably one of the most important threads on the forum. Why? Because it addresses the fact that even we, the casual players, are just as concerned about the HW1:R mechanics as the dedicated players on here. Yes, the vocal minority is in fact making posts left and right about the issues. There are literally no issues I can report here that haven’t been discussed over and over.

But let me assure you joekgbx, and everyone else on the dev team, that those of us who are the non-vocal majority care very much about having these issues addressed and fixed as well.


Complaints are like cockroaches, for every one you hear, there are hundreds more who don’t bother raising their voice for fear of sounding whiny, but it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.


Or alternatively …stomped on with an unforgiving boot :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank the OP - While I had already performed many upgrades, I too - have stopped 1/2 way through HW1 remastered after all the changes, primarily the dynamic scaling, which in my opinion, along with the failed formations and tactics have completely wrecked my excitement about being able to play Homeworld.

I understand the engine is different, but to fail so bad at what such an old game did so well, I simply can’t fathom , or accept that this was lovingly created…


I also have given up half way though the HW1 story as the fighters and smaller craft are useless now.

I am however enjoying replying the HW2 remake. HW1 remake looks absolutely stunning but just doesn’t work as it should.

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You know, I don’t think I ever did play the HW2 sp. It got such bad reviews when it originally came out (and I was deployed at the time) that I just never got around to it, even though I was gifted two copies. I tinkered with the MP vs CPU, slapped on a logo someone in the community sent to me of my Navy squadron at the time, but never really played it until many years later. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. I mean, the 34 people who thought it was good can’t be wrong, right?



Metacritic 83/100 User 8.2/10

The negative user reviews pretty much all revolve around the fact they can’t get it running on their hardware.

IGN 9/10 User 8.8/10
Gamespot 8.7/10
Eurogamer 6/10

This ones low score is because the game is just ‘too similar’ to the original.

The Gamers Temple 93/100
Gamer Revolution B (4/5)

This says it’s too similar, and too hard compared to the original.

I don’t know why people slate this game so much, in my personal view it added so much more to the game than it took away, the old engine still looks passable on modern hardware (when you can get it running) was much more balanced due to ezmode steamroller techniques being removed and missions carefully graded, ultimately it was a significantly better game IMHO. It didn’t sell very well, Homeworld was always a niche game really, but those who avoided it for the bad press from the community missed out. It was the game the modders kept up cpr almost indefinitely upon. All in all HW2 was a far more impressive piece of work than HW1, it simply couldn’t be as original nor as hard hitting as the first - because it was the third!


I hear my own words in yours when I spoke about Cataclysm. So many of the old greats of the time spoke so harshly about it. Half of the guru didn’t make the jump due to a few missing features and changes. Fighters acted slightly different, support frigates were no where to be found (very few ever embraced the worker) the added support module system brought another layer of complexity. There were endless rants about mimics, everything from how cheap and overpowered they were to the lack of morals Barking Dog had for having a suicide unit in the first place. ACVs were not the beloved corvette, even with their EMP and ability to split back to fighters.

But I loved it. Gone were the supported vet walls guarded by presetup scouts in mini claws, but replaced with the thrill of flying a wing of missle upgraded acolytes in groups of 4, clawed, to perform precision strikes on workers. The command ship was a weapon all to itself, even without the hated ‘super weapon’ that so many claimed was the death of multiplayer. We could still take a defensive unit like the shield building Sentinal and turn it into an offensive force to be feared. Ram frigs were simultaneously the weakest and the strongest frig depending on how you used them.

However, it still FELT like Homeworld due simply to formations. That one little thing that you see so many of us complaining about is the foundation of what made Homeworld Homeworld. The more I contemplate it, the more I realize that the changes in HW2 made it a different genre of game, a different game all together. HW2 is the real 3D space RTS; the real Starcraft in 3D. HW and HW:C would be better defined as Tactical Fleet Simulators, a genre all of its own loved by a people who statistically don’t exist. I think the lovers of one are rarely the lovers of the other. I still feel like I can remember the first time I put a group of scouts in an X formation and was just awed watching them fly. And it only got better after that.

When you hear us say that HW2 is nothing more than a race to BCs, it’s because it is. You may have found a thousand interesting ways to run that race, but the end game is all the same. HW and HW:C was different. The game allowed us to sandbox any strat we wanted and let any class play the leading role. We were defined by our play styles which we were free to invent. If you wanted to master fighters and be counted among the Swarmers, you had that right. Your name could be burned in history next to Hivemind, Madwasp or Danger. Want to be part of an unmatched team of Capital Ship commanders? Grab a friend and set your sights on APOLLO and Wildcard. Have a passion for the crazy and off the wall? Chewy or Echo could blow your mind with something you had to be on drugs to think up.

And man oh man the clans. Each of us with our signature salutes and unmistakable personalities. The militant PSA with the finely tuned ranking system. Infinity’s Chikens, the cranky OMO, the dark and mysterious BDU, the legendary 7th, the oversized 9th, the Dirty Deeds who only played with themselves and us pot head guru. PRESS 1!

Where HW:C drifted from what we loved about HW. HW2 made it even worse. HW2 seemed to want to back us away from micro fleet management and focus us on the bigger picture, but we wanted to be closer to the action, we wanted more control, not hand it over to AI. In HW:C we used formation switching in an attempt to maneuver our fighter groups, I would’ve loved that expanded that into aerobatics we could’ve invented, saved, keybinded and used to perform our own version of a victory roll, or used in a deadly dance of dogfighting.

At the end of the day, I agree HW2 was/is a great game in its own right, but, in its own right. This it is not, and never will be Homeworld. This past week I’ve come to the depressing realization that my kind are the minority, and that if I want to remain a part of this universe I’ll have no choice but to settle something I could never agree is an evolution, but a high res shadow of its former self.


I really apreciate your ending. Not slamming the game, but the realization part. I feel lucky I love both games in their own right. When I realized that the HW1 races was balanced for HW2, and not the other way around, it became much easier to play and enjoy the game. I love HW1, I love Cata, and I love HW2.

This said, I still hold high hopes that this was the easy way out, and they have code being worked on to better the situation. I get the feeling that some items in the game are placeholders. Some features are missing (that honestly should be there) and the responses are very honest and personal, I just wont believe GB and BI isn’t hearing our calls. They have done a lot of improvements, and I just feel it would be silly if they did not finish the job proper. They have repeated “we will continue to support the game for a long time” so many times, that I cant help but think they are hinting at something. Perhaps there has been a lot of snags?

I managed to settle in “it’s a great game, and I effin love it”, and for what it’s worth, nothing will ever take the view of watching your first squad engage in delicious dogfighting when we where a tad younger. :wink:

Keep being excellent, and I’ll be damned if you won’t recieve an excellent response as well!


I too spent a $1000 to build a new PC to play this game. I needed to upgrade regardless, but I’d have probably waited longer if not for HWR’s pending release.

I am disappointed so far. I’ve not been able to play online and my 2 separate emails on that issue have gone unanswered for 6 days and 4 days respectively.

The friends of mine that are playing online say that there is no lobby to communicate in and without one there is little chance multiplayer is going to have much success.

I consider myself a huge fan of HW1 and played it online for years after WON was shut down. I eventually let some of my fellow clansmen teach me how to play HW2 but it never gave me the same thrill as the original.

I hope the hordes of HW1 fans will continue to voice their disappointment in a respectful way and convince Gearbox that they need to deliver more of our beloved original.


Seriously, THIS.

I thought I was alone in my passion for Homeworld 1, but obviously not… this is exactly how I feel and I couldn’t put it into better words if I tried.

Respect from me Rat for putting this into words, I really hope that the devs read this and take note.


No, you are not alone, for instance also the Escapist feels that way: “Homeworld Remastered - Beautiful. Majestic. Flawed"'Most notably, the remastered Homeworld throws away the original game’s tactics system in favor of the less nuanced one from Homeworld 2. […]Formations, for instance, are now essentially useless. In the 1999 version, formations were huge.[…]At the end of the day, while I still very much prefer the way the original Homeworld did things"


+1 to ratamaq