A time limit in story mode, really?

Got to the end of algorithm and oops, ran out of time. Can’t believe it! That should never happen in story mode. Now have been waiting an “average” wait time of 30 minutes just to be allowed to start over. Not good signs . . .

How long did you take? My longest games have been almost an hour with no issue. I believe the only time limit for story mode is 2 hours to prevent people from pausing mid game and bogging down the servers. If you paused mid way through and left to do something, then the solution is to not pause for extended periods of time. Other than that the 2 hour time limit is completely reasonable.


Glad I’m not the only one hitting that time limit. My problem was that I just wasn’t getting many heal drops (or just wasn’t finding them), so I had to pause a lot to let the character auto heal before proceeding.

What is the time limit? If it’s an hour, I’ve been in groups that almost took that long. If it’s 2 hours and you took that much time, you’re doing it wrong.

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I agree. I enjoy exploring, opening every box, shooting every powerup, etc. I was 90 minutes in, making slow progress but progress none the less. Suddenly “Times up!”.

This is probably a moot point for me since I’m not at all interested in any of the PvP aspect, but the story mode was interesting as far as I got in it. For a solo game, I would not enjoy time pressure.

I’m also not sure what the extra lives was all about. I’m guessing that if all were used I’d have to start all over? If so, that’s another mechanic I don’t enjoy in a game.

My $ .02 – I know what I enjoy. I’m glad the beta was available to try.

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I think th lives mechanic is a bit odd for normal mode (sans HC, obviously). For advanced, it makes a lot of sense.

As to the time limit, I don’t know if that’s something they are just trying out to see or what they intend. It may be just to keep server loads in check. I think it would be nice to have them be just a little longer than they currently are. I tend to play fairly slowly when solo. I did finish Algorithm in time, though, and wasted some time messing with key binds and such. I was worried I was getting close near the end, though, and quit looking for extra chests and such.

The time limit is 100 minutes. I hit it just before the final boss fight because I wasn’t expecting it and I was hunting for chests/items in every nook and cranny I could find. Second run through I finished it solo in <60 minutes because I didn’t waste a bunch of time looking for stuff.

Normally I am not a fan of time attack type stuff, but once you know it is there, it isn’t hard to work around.

GBX did a not so good job in making this game Singleplayer friendly (melee character on Isic Magnus), but on the other Hand, Group Gameplay is really good balanced. This game is just not meant to be played alone. It doesn’t work well with most characters anyway.
The time limit is more reasonable than to play this game alone (i did too, but it’s much less fun).
Grab some friends or use Matchmaking and such problems are gone

A pre-emptive post because, judging by my brief play last night (PC), I feel I’m going to hit this problem. Normally I wouldn’t bother but Randy V’s appearances on the forum makes me think the devs are actually reading this stuff, so I’ll add my support for this topic.

Nope. This is me:

I have been playing FPSs since the original “Doom”. I like to take my time. Get to know the character and map. Find clever/interesting ways of doing things. For me, peremptorily rushing through a map is “doing it wrong”.

I don’t mind failing missions. I don’t mind not having quick saves. I don’t mind being “always online”. But a single player game that doesn’t let you play the way you want (and that’s the fun of single player) because of an arbitrary time limit isn’t doing its job. From my play last night, BB is absolutely brilliant, and I will be buying it, but I’m a bit concerned that this will tarnish it a little.

In mitigation, I’m certain that, when I’ve played enough, the time limit won’t be a problem. Similarly, I’m sure my co-op friends & I will plough through. However, solo play is a real differentiator for BB and it would be good if it could cater for all the player base.


I’ve only really ever had an issue with the time limit once, and that was the I.S.I.C. fight on a character that, in retrospect, could never have finished the battle anyway (not enough lives, etc.).
As for the rest of my playthroughs, there has always been enough time to cover every nook and cranny, open every chest, and smash every smashable, with plenty left over.
The various sub-maps are just so small and linear. Once you go through them a time or two, there just isn’t any place left to hide things.
Of course, it probably helps that I kind of stink at these types of Games, and my first choice of Character happened to be one that I was particularly bad at. I died so much, so often, that I learned that I had to repeat the areas enough to learn them well long before I started the Boss Fights.
Now I’ve found a Character I can actually play well (Thorn) and I know the Maps well enough, Time Limits are a non issue.
So take a few play throughs. Set the goal to fully explore one Sub-Map each playthrough. Take your time, try a bunch of different Characters, and enjoy the experience.
Hope this helps.

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Completion Times:

Collected everything, killed everything, completed objectives, 0 respawns, 27 mins - The Void’s Edge

36 mins - The Algorithm

These aren’t long missions. Time limits in story game play is a common thing. Mario had time limits.


If you can’t complete the mission in less than 2 hours after opening everything (literally everything) then you’re still doing it wrong. It took about 45 minutes for two of us (in a 5-man story mode that the 3 other people left) to complete the mission and get almost every loot crate. Sprinting is your friend.

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Continuing the discussion from A time limit in story mode, really?:
I’m happy for all those who can finish the map in whatever time. If you like playing fast and enjoy it, that’s fine. But there’s nothing innately right about playing fast. If my playstyle is slow then that’s just my playstyle. It can’t be “wrong”, as such.

Since others have hit the time limit, then I’m clearly not alone. Looking back at over 20 years of single player FPSs, I have never come across a time limit on a map. If the game has missions, then an individual mission may have a time limit and that’s fine. Otherwise, every “linear map” FPS I’ve ever played has let me play at my own speed.

I don’t want to take away your ability to play as you like. I would just like the servers to be a little more forgiving, so we slow players can finish missions as well.


I could see this being a problem for those who would just like to pause, chill, and look at the level design without the need to “hurry” up.

Maybe disable the timer for normal mode?

My word! I’m responding a lot to this thread :grin:

In single player games, there is no reason to “hurry up” if you don’t want to. In Co-op & MP, fair enough, but this part of the forums is for Single Player feedback. In fact, the BB art designers have done an extraordinary job on the game environments. I’m sure they’d appreciate us stopping and admiring their handiwork :slight_smile:

As for Normal only, won’t Advanced (and Hardcore) be the modes where we will need to play most carefully and, hence, take the longest? And, yes, we slow players like to play on “hard” modes as well :grin:

I suspect this time limit is because of the “always online” way the game has been implemented. If offline play was allowed, this wouldn’t be an issue. I understand GBX don’t want a server instance tied up indefinitely. However, I’d like them to tweak this time limit, just as they’ve been tweaking character abilities, so that everyone gets to enjoy SP.

EDIT: Sure enough, I was timed out of The Algorithm today. I got through with Montana but I was half way through the ISIC fight with Oscar Mike and I “lost”. I’m guessing this is going to happen as I learn every new character I try, which doesn’t inspire me to play. If there’s a dev listening out there, another half hour would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I was also disappointed to see a time limit in single-player story mode. I also tend to play at a slower pace, explore the map and loot everything I see. I strongly suggest a significant extension to the time limit, if indeed it needs to be there at all.

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I believe from what I saw since everything seems to be dedicated servers that for example when you play a story mode mission, you have at least 1hr and 30 mins because the servers are refreshed or something and kicks you out. Of course, exploring is quite fun and I happen to be a person who enjoys doing it but, I believe as you hit whatever time limit there was you should increase your speed the next time since you have more experience and where items are. Because I believe it is what someone said before in that there is a time limit server-side to prevent hoarding servers or keeping servers bogged down because of etc reasons. Because remember you can start a story mission solo or less than the optimal 5 persons.

My guess for the time limit is there becuase the game is hosted on there servers and we have an allotted time for use of the virtual server slot to finish so the next group can use it

The thing is, this isn’t a traditional singleplayer/co-op game and I Love it for it. The idea is that you can commit an hour (probably less) and achieve something. It allows you to slot in gaming around your life without worrying about getting carried away.

The Missions are super linear and after an initial playthrough you should know exactly what you need to do. Stopping to smell the flowers/admire the scenery is inadvisable as the intention is for each mission to be replayed extensively. In a game you only intend to play-though once it’s only natural that you’re going to want to find and do All The Things but the gameplan with Battleborn is to race through as-fast-as-is-safe each time noticing new things and hearing different voice lines.

Time limit is necessary to reduce server load and stop peeps griefing by simply going AFK.

Yes, familiarity brings speed but one of BB’s attractions for me is trying all the characters on all the maps. That’s a lot of learning curves. As for Hardcore, I’m certainly going to be playing carefully because I’m not a great, instinctive run’n’gunner. Getting within sight of the end of the mission and then suddenly failing is not like any other SP game I’ve played.

I agree that GBX want to avoid people tying up servers indefinitely but I’m realistic and don’t want or expect indefinite access to a server. I would like a little longer “refresh time” so that slow players don’t have to fail. As I’ve said previously, this time can be tweaked along with all the other balance changes. I suspect that the vast majority of games will end within that limit and the server will be freed up anyway. For the very few people who might start a server and go long-term AFK, will an extra half hour, say, make that much difference?

I don’t believe GBX have said that 5 players are optimal. In fact they advertise the game as “single player and up to 5 person co-op”. And this is true. Over the Beta, I’ve played SP and 3 & 4 person co-op. I thought the game scaled to give a tough but achieveable challenge in every case. But playing solo, with no one to revive me, I’d like a bit longer.

The best single player games for short bursts of play are those with a manual save system. You stop and restart exactly when you like. Dishonored and Shadow Warrior are good recent examples. However, I understand why BB doesn’t give a save option and that’s fine with me. I will only tackle a mission when I know I have the time. It’s just that, for me, that may be two hours rather than one :grin:

I will be replaying BB extensively. My aim is all the characters through all the maps and favourite characters on Advanced Hardcore. But I know from other games I’ve (re)played, I will still check out every crate and pick up every item :grin:

My objective in any FPS is never to “race through as-fast-as-is-safe”. It is to play as carefully, and sometimes cleverly, as possible to avoid dying. That’s my measure of a successful run, not speed. Sometimes you hear more dialogue taking your time than racing to the next area :slight_smile:

I know I’m a slow player but I have a regular co-op partner with a very similar approach, so I know I’m not alone. The fact is that others have posted saying they have been timed out. Unless a longer session time is restricted by hardware limitations or would cripple the system in some other way, a bit longer is only going to make the game fun for more players. If I was new to BB, when players tend to be slower, and I failed my first mission because of a time-out, I’d be tempted to return the game straight back to Steam.

I don’t want infinite time on a server, I would just like GBX to extend the server time-out to encompass more of us in the percentiles at the farther end of the Normal curve :grin: