A time limit in story mode, really?

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I see what you mean and I believe normally the server time is around 90 mins give or take (no quote). Usually going through casually and dying quite a few times playing with beginners who never played the story mission or were trying new characters I found a time around 30-35 mins? so I believe you would have enough time with an hour on top of that to explore as you wish if everything I’ve seen is correct. Also, while testing out private story mission I could not see a server timer when I looked at one time, and so that may be the way to go for you if you wish to solo possibly. Since it does scale depending on the number of active players. Of course on hardcore more for both normal and advance and even advance itself I would recommend trying to optimal unless you had a team or at least a set gameplan. all in all, I’m trying to justify and explain my own comprehension and to maybe help you see from a different POV that everything at least in this aspect will be fine for you if you continue to play the game when it comes out.

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Sadly, I am not joking when I say I’m slow :blush: Playing SP during the Beta, I failed twice (timed out), just about made it with another character and two other characters were fine. Co-op was no trouble at all but I know I’ll be playing far more SP than co-op.

I would like to give SP a go on the harder difficulties. I may be slow but I like a challenge as much as the “fast” players :grin: I’ve tackled “Very Hard” on many games but not with a time limit …

Please excuse me. I’m banging away at this thread, because I genuinely believe the devs are checking the forums. If the server duration merely required a parameter change and that would have limited or no effect on the overall system, it would please us slowcoaches immensely and hurt no one else at all :slight_smile:

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oh, no problem lol. Hmm, i see where you are coming from and yeah it something that should be addressed in light of that. I just hope that what you say is true and that it you;don’t affect much or anything if they had to make some changes on the back-end for that. But i can understand it haha this is me in kingdom hearts so i really do understand lol

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I only ever had the time limit expire on me once, and I did do a lot of exploring and I had to take a pretty long break to do some chores around the house. I was a bit angry about it at the time, but I certainly don’t see the limit being a problem under any normal play throughs.

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Excellent. I’m pleased for you. You will never hit the frustration of being within sight of the end of the mission and having the carpet pulled from under you :unamused: For those of us who have suffered that, I just make the point that some extra time, if and only if it doesn’t screw up the entire server system, would leave us both happy :grin: