A tip for fighting Bloodwing

Ok, this is probably well known, but thought I’d post it anyway as I couldn’t find it via a search.

I had real trouble beating Bloodwing in TVHM and in the end had to give up and go and get levelled up a bit so that I could try again. Was really annoyed that when I reloaded I had to start from right at the start of the Wildlife Preservation!

Ok, I thought, I will go and level up a bit and return. Levelled up and went back to the Wildlife Preservation and was going to follow the same path I did before which was to go to the hill that Mordecai was on and jump off the end and go to the loading area.

However, I noticed when I was at the top of the hill though that Bloodwing was flying about above the arena pretty close by so I thought I’d take a pot-shot at her with a sniper rifle to see if it would hit.

Result! She flies right over to me at which point a few blasts from a rocket launcher [INSERT WEAPON OF CHOICE] and she went back to the arena and Jack says the new element that Bloodwing will change to and basically rinse and repeat until she gets darted by Mordecai.

At which point you just fight your way as usual to the arena and take the collar with the Claptrap upgrade.

Hope this helps anyone having trouble



Best weapon I found for this is the heartbreaker. For the fire stage just use the Law or something.

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A harold works for me.

Sharing my bloodwing kill when i did the “You will die…” challenge here in the forum. This is in normal and me 9 levels under


That’s a good one, but anything with rapid fire rate, fast reload, and elemental damage gets it done. My preference is a couple of plasma casters (since I like to save the Heartbreaker for max level.)