A totally missed opportunity to make level cap 69

Seriously gearbox how could you missed such opportunity ? lvl 69 as a level cap is the most glorious final level cap for borderlands 3 we could ever get, I will not forgive you for this.


Didn’t they already do that with the original Borderlands?


idk but they could have made it here also, the devs who deploy updates on borderlands 3 are total boomers


Yea, they did this in BL1. However there’s no reason not to again. Total missed opportunity.


I’d honestly be worried if they did given that would mean we could have 2.5 of the 3 skill trees filled out.

Yeah they did weird why they did this like but hey oh lol

Gearbox won’t be able to help themselves, there will be another level cap increase after the upcoming one. It might not come for a long time but I’m willing to bet that even if they don’t have plans for it now they’ll increase it to 69 or 70 down the line.

There will likely be more level cap increases in the future Imo,with rumours of 4th skill trees,head hunter packs and a possible 2nd season pass anything is possible,I’ll be watching the Pax Online event on Saturday to see if there is any big announcements from Randy and the Panel

Not even close, actually. You could beeline down 2 trees to the cap, and be halfway down the third, but seeing as there are between 37 and 45 points in each tree, depending on your character, you can’t even “fill out” 2 trees with 69 points. I’ve said it a bunch, in a bunch of threads, at 65 we have barely enough to buy half the skills for any character. A few more would not have hurt. I personally like way too many skills to beeline down any one tree. I like to spread out. Three of my four max characters only have one capstone each, and all 4 do just fine on M10. I’d be a lot happier with the final (for the foreseeable future) level cap being 69.

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But 58 points IS enough to reach and aquire 2 capstone skills and make it halfway down the 3rd tree. So it actually is filling out the trees. When I said “fill out” I did not mean “max every skill in”. If a player is able to acquire that many things in so many trees it really deadens any build diversity. Sure, you could cry “meta” all you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that more points = more skill = less variety in what people play.

I personally like to see (or perhaps WOULD like to see given the state of multiplayer) 3 Amaras in the party with 3 completely separate builds that all work in their own way. Entering a game and knowing that every single Amara that enters has the same build, not by choice, but because they have enough skill points to where there isn’t much to separate them, is boring and insulting to the people who designed each tree to be a unique experience.

You can have your opinion that “since I like so many skills I should have them all”, but I’m going to keep mine that “I like so many skills, it’s going to be fun picking and choosing what to keep”.

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Exactly where did I say I want them all. I was simply pointing out that mainlining to the capstone is not, in fact, filling out a tree, and that given the huge number of points each character has available, and the relatively small amount of points we have, that 4 extra points would not make much difference. I also said that I like to spread my points out, rather than just chasing the capstone, which should be appealing to you, because my builds are going to be different than people who focus on capstone builds.

Not to mention, 58 points ISN’T enough points to get halfway down a 3rd tree, when it takes 26 points to reach and select a capstone, so after 2 capstones, the remaining six points barely gets you into the 2nd tier.

You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion that we have enough points now. Never said you weren’t, and wasn’t trying to change your mind. I just get tired of all the posts I see that imply that just a few more points and we’d all have 3 capstones and diversity would be dead, when the math says we need 20 more points today (15 after tomorrow) to aquire them, and some of us wouldn’t if we could, because we don’t shoot straight down to the capstone. To me, diversifying within the tree, or focusing on fewer trees and not just going after the capstone promotes more diversity, and shows more respect for the designers who built those trees. Of course, I could also make the point that skill points aren’t everything in diversity. In Ghost of Tsushima, you can get every skill, and yet my son and I, both fully maxed, play completely differently, and wear different gear that matches our individual play styles. Diversity is more than just the number of skill points.

Of course, it’s all really a moot point to me, because I never play online, so even if they gave us enough points to max out all trees, I would never encounter someone running my same build anyway. I’m alright with what we have, at least until they do introduce a 4th tree, in which case, yeah, I’d definitely prefer more points. More, not all.

this is not a final level cap increase

Probably is, in fact. The devs have stated that 65 is the intended max level for the forseeable future.

Anyone know what time it drops?

To your point about skill tree caps, my BL2 Gaige had no capstone skills and I still managed to clear OP8 with her (the Commander Lilith DLC came out too close to the launch of BL3 to get all 6 VH up to OP10).

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foreseeable future is not something defining i am playing this game for next 5 years off and on. if you want to say it is for next 6 months it still does not make my statement invalid i dno what that reply was for :smiley:

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Final level cap can be 70 or 72. Even numbers please.