A True Battleborn Champion (And an Idea for Quitters)

The guy on the enemy team.

Even when he lost his whole team, this guy stuck around until the end of a match. He ended up with 9 or 10 kills and 7 deaths. I hate Montanas, but this guy was the exception, a real champ.

I’m just going to say, if you’re losing, or if the enemy team is trashing you, at least try to vote for surrender. You won’t get better at this game unless you actually try to win, even in the face of failing.

Also, having the enemy team quit not only ruins the game for the team with one guy, but also my team. I don’t know what the current penalties for leaving early are (besides waiting until the left match is over), but after leaving so many matches, there should be a time penalty that only counts down while the player is actually online. Any thoughts?


You just don’t get exp or credits I think.

Preach it :stuck_out_tongue:


I would also say just don’t vote to surrender. I’ve been in so many Incursion matches where we’ve lost our first sentry, and someone on our team tries to surrender. You’d be surprised how quick you can turn things around if you stick at it and keep trying


Same. Sometimes i get so into the match and don’t even see the surrender vote. Happend to me in mask of when we were losing 0-53 before.

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Damn, mad props to that guy!

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And ignore my unclear body…


I have nothing against surrendering.

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Not all the time that happens.

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