A True Facepalm Moment!

So, wanted to relate a funny story from this evening:

I’ve been playing Alani exclusively for the last few days trying to get her Lores in PVP (grinding lores in PVE usually makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon) and had been thinking that her R1 Geyser ability was her Wellspring.

So, I had been casting her Geyser into groups of Minions, low health allies, standing in it myself, etc, trying to complete her “Heal 800 health with a single use of Wellspring 50 times” and, lo and behold, my activations were going up (currently at 42/50)!

So then, just now, I was playing some awesome matches with @loving-hatred and @epicender584 and loving informed me that it was actually her L2 Osmosis ability that utilizes the healing power of Wellspring.

I insisted he was wrong, until the match ended and I was able to read her abilities in the command menu, and loving was indeed correct!


Too funny!

Also, any tips for maximizing Wellspring healing?

Currently using 3 Plus healing power gears.


One of her helixes is “extremophile” I think…increases heals at max stacks, then another helixs boosts minimum heal power…

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Yes, I will be using that one always now.


Build up your osmosis (passive ability) to 3 circles (or bars). You build it up by getting successful hits with your primary attack. In case you didn’t know. Took me awhile to figure out how she healed.

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Knew that, but thank you.


Actually, Extremophile is a rather ‘meh’ helix option compared to Full Saturation.
Also, it’s not really necessary to run that much heal power just for completing the challenge. One piece with a major heal power stat should be more than sufficient.

The problem with the challenge lies in the fact that it only counts actual healing done (meaning it completely disregards any overheal amount). So it’s more about getting to heal the right targets (High-HP characters such as Kelvin, Attikus or Montana).


3 stacks of osmosis are enough to deal 800+ healing. But you still do less if your target lost less than 800 HP (like, when it has 1000 HP out of 1500 you’ll only heal 500). So healing power gear and helices only help the challenge if you’re going to heal with less than 3 stacks.

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Maybe i should just keep up with my Geyser psychosomatic tactic that got me 33 in a few days!


Thanks for the Tips, folks.

I really do enjoy playing Alani (she’s become my third most played character under Gali and Thorn), so I really don’t mind working for her lores!

Since both discussions focus on the same thing pleaes continue in your other Alani-topic.

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