A user's manual would have saved everyone a lot of frustration

I’d have paid extra for a user’s manual.

Game does pretty good job to explain itself. What did you not understand about the game that you wished was clarified for you?

I think an explanation to gear stats would be nice. As in what stat effects what and who.
Also at what score does a PVP mission give bonze, silver , gold or platinum.

Those are two thing that just came to mind. After some time and with help from community answers all this information eventually gets across, but I think a small manual for the most important and confusing questions could really help a new player a lot

I think the game is pretty clear on its explanations, but it WOULD be nice to have gear stats that you can highlight and see what they really affect.

Maybe on the character pages, you could highlight your abilities and it would display how gear bonuses will affect them (You might want to know if +Heal Power applies to Kleese’s Energy Rift shield restore values, for example) for those who aren’t sure on the particulars.

Ya like who would of thought reload speed would help montana who does not reload his gun but it instead makes his gun cool down faster. As well as what is considered crowd control and what effects would not be considered.

Disagree completely, I felt like it did nothing to explain itself.

Some of the ability descriptions don’t match up, like Attikus’ Leap: “Leap to a target location, dealing 67 damage and knocking back enemies where Attikus lands. Fully Charged: Deals 100 damage to shields.” This says nothing about them being stunned if they hit an obstacle but that’s it’s strongest benefit.

Then there is gear, where it is easy to get confused about the exact nature of the effect. I had no idea reload speed helped Montana until the post above me. Heal power, healing received, health regen (some of them say this instead of health regeneration per second), etc. Even skill damage might confuse someone if they think their passive or secondary attacks would benefit from it.

THEN there are simple functions, like it is not explained how to teleport back to base in PvP and the off-hand melee I don’t think is mentioned for anyone except El Dragon. I just discovered I can pull the map full screen by playing with the d-pad and the spotting mechanic wouldn’t be natural to anyone unless they play another game that utilizes it (like Battlefield).

Anyway I’ve obviously been playing it for a while now so I’m good on all that but starting out I could see people having no idea what is happening.

I have made posts asking questions that still have no answers from the developers on high, check them out;

“Did nothing” is too far fetched. And most items you mentioned are too specific anyway.


I assume he doesn’t deserve any answers because “they are too specific”