A Very Battleborn Christmas!

Ok guys let’s get festive here!

Which Battleborns would fit which CHRISTMAS roles the best?

Santa, elves, Mrs Klaus, John McClane, reindeer, Black Pete, St Nick, Krampus (ATTIKUS), Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, the Grinch, Frosty the Snowman (Kelvin), Angels (Gali? Benny?), any CHRISTMAS / festive / holiday themed characters / themes you guys can think of, put in Battleborn terms!

Will BOLDUR brew special Ekkunian booze heavy eggnog?

Will Orendi use her hat as a stocking?

Will Thorn be convinced to don a sexy CHRISTMAS elf costume?

Will Marquis donate money to charity and help rather than kill Hobos?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have fun!

@epicender584 @handsomecam @edensophia @benedict_87 I’d love some input from you guys on this one!


I hope someone noticed my Die Hard reference.

Yippee Ki yay, Father Christmas!

Also, I hope no one shoots their eye out with their Red Rider BB Gun!

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Also, Marquis, Kleese, Gali, Orendi, ISIC and MONTANA singing Christmas carols.

Just think about it, guys.

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I’m gonna try to make a Battleborn themed 12 days of Christmas lyric rewrite.

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And Mellka! She has wings sometimes

Kleese. Old and has a flying chair

Uhhh. Orendi! Weird, short, kinda elfish in some contacts

Miko. Except his whole head glows. Bioluminiscent fungi

Please no

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How is this even a thread?! Orendi dressed as santa, obviously. I’d pay money to see an anime of her delivering presents… By which i mean a shadowfire pillar.



I think you meant - How was this not ALREADY a thread, amirite?

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For real can’t believe CHRISTMAS is less than a week away still so much prep for it to do!

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I have very little actual Christmas knowledge, unfortunately, so I’m not the right woman for this job… I haven’t celebrated it since I was a tiny child!



Why is that if you don’t mind me asking?

Fat dude. Religion. Presents. People awkwardly bringing up Hanukkah every once in a while. What’s Kwanzaa again? I live in a very… we’re not very diverse unfortunately. Also elves. And the movie Elf. People love that thing


For me it’s the time of year where I get paid that sweet, sweet holiday pay since everyone else can’t deal with -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 Celsius) weather and they go somewhere warm for the holidays.

Same here Sophia.

Well… I Googled “Christmas” and “Hawk” and I got this…
So… I’d probably be the damn Christmas hawk.


I have no profound answers. I just never had a strong family tradition and I’m an introvert on top of that, so just quietly writing, working, and relaxing my way through December is the best way I can imagine to end the year.

I mean, the best way that doesn’t involve Mellka (you almost thought I’d made an entire post without mentioning her, didn’t you?)


A Google search for “Battleborn Christmas” gave VERY disappointing results.

Mainly bad memes about people crying due to receiving Battleborn rather than “that other game” for Christmas.


Some concerns:
Boldur “poison, posion,…not poison”, a cook? Emula forbid!
Sry, but somene has to finally say that. Orendi, how to put it, was very, very naughty. Whatever the size of “stocking” she’ll bring, it’ll remain empty.
Thorn: like her present costume is not sexy enough? Mind that whatever is your answer, she’ll be angry :wink:
Lack of mentioning Benedict and Caldarius reindeer corps- unforgiveable.

Merry Christmas? Are you thretening me or sumthn?! Then I double your Merry Christmas and add a happy New Year - damn I’m tough :dukecigar:


What kind of Christmas gifts would the Battleborns like do you guys think?


The only person I can think of is Montana, and the answer is bubblegum. Lots and lots of bubblegum.


I’d imagine that Benedict would give out pictures of himself, and that Montana would give out wood-carving caricatures.

EDIT: Oh, what would they LIKE.

Benedict would like a picture of himself.