A Very Detailed Proposal on How to Bring Back Battleborn

Dear Gearbox and Battleborn Dev Team,
I am but a humble Battleborn fan within the community and enjoy the game so dearly. However there are somethings that I disagree upon when it comes to the actual game. Also there are things that I wanted to be in the game, but it seems that those ideas either have been forgotten or ISIC must have deleted those ideas. The reason why I’m writing this would be the simple fact that the state of Battleborn is right now. The game’s losing players and it is slowly dying due to how many players are on the game and most are pros by now. This is bad for the new guys that plan to play Battleborn due to that the pros would have something that the new guys don’t have experience with the game. However it is time to tell my, more or less, ten detailed ways to help Battleborn in its current condition.
• Fixing the issue of skins within Battleborn – Let me explain before you go ahead and start a big fuss on “why should we, there is no issue” so hear me out. Skins at the point are way too expensive for these points: one you’re making them almost expensive as an operation within Battleborn at this point and two some of the skins that are claimed to be tier three are only tier two with a price of a tier three skin. This is a problem due to that it makes it more of an anti-consumer system and it also discourages people to buy the game due to the methods that are presented within the main game. I would propose that you make the skins lower in price so that everyone has a chance to get at least a skin that they want. A more detail example of this would be like this:
 Tier two skins = 0.75$
 Tier three skins = 1.50$
 Tier four skins (if any) = 2.25$
Skins part will come back within another point that I will be making within this proposal.
• Redoing and reimaging some of the bosses – This is something that everyone should be agreeing upon. Not only the bosses within this game feel lack luster, there were bosses that just felt like the same boss only a bit harder to deal with then your everyday thrall, or veralci. The bosses that do feel different are only but a hand full, but there’s one that I shall not speak of that is a pain to get through, hint Archive mission. I would put in my thoughts that I would recommend but that would take too long to get through.
• A Battleborn workshop and Battleborn Creation Kit – I told you that skins will come back plus some other ideas. This will help out with both the game and the community due to that it gets players more engaged with the game and the community and more players means that it’s less likely that they will end up meeting a team of pros. Now about the Battleborn Creation Kit, it is essentially a way to make skins, taunts, enemy types, maps, and full campaigns to share with in the Battle workshop on steam or the new Battleborn Community Hub that could be created. The Battleborn Community Hub is a place where you can submit works to if you don’t have steam, here you can test and rate other people’s work and it’s simple: first have Battleborn on your X-Box or Play Station, then use your account name, it would state to create a new password follow it, it would now verify that you do have Battleborn installed, after that submit a work that you created. The profit that would be made from the works that are accepted one third of the money would be given to the creator of the skin, taunt, or full campaign. Enemies and maps will be paid based on how complex and detailed the map or enemies are.
 Tier two skin = 0.75$ which the person gets 0.25$ back for every purchase of that skin
 Tier three skins = 1.50$ which the person gets 0.50$ back for every purchase of that skin
 Tier four skins = 2.25$ which the person gets 0.75$ back for every purchase of that skin
 Taunts = 3.00$ which a person gets 1.00$ back for every purchase of that taunt
 Campaigns (8 maps or more) = 7.50$ which a person gets 2.50$ back for every purchase of that campaign
 Operations (have to be very detailed) = 1.50$ which the person gets 0.50$ back for every purchase of that Operation.
The cash that the person receives can be converted either as steam money, put into a PayPal (this is optional), or into Platinium for Battleborn.
• Making Battleborn FREE – You all known that I was going to pull this one up my sleeve so going to make this one clear as possible and short and sweet. Going free-to-play isn’t a bad thing at all. Games such as Dota II, Paladins, and Team Fortress 2 are all free to play styles and TF2 was not a free-to-play game at first. Sure TF2 player base has dropped over the month since Overwatch and dev fails of TF2 but it still stood the test of time. It is also a good way to get players into the game so that more people can tell how good it is. For those who bought the game should be rewarded with the skins and taunts already within the Platinium market.
• The LLC Battle Arena – Now I’m getting to the more interesting topics that I have instore. The LLC Battle Arena combines the style of gameplay like the Arena from the Kirby series and more competitive base and random and difficult than that style of gameplay. Think about a boss rush mode with a touch of endless mode. This place is where you can fight bosses and earn loot from both the bosses and the round that you are currently on. The competitive part comes from the highest rounds that a person has completed during a season. The prizes will be based upon how many players are on Battleborn and will fluctuate from time to time. Bosses will be from both campaigns, Operations, and sometimes by the Devs them self.
• All Characters unlocked and other free Characters – I already known about Battleborn’s all core characters unlocked from the start but that’s probably not going to cut it. It’s not that it may not work to get people back but it’s more anti-consumer if you do it like that. It’s like saying that there something for free in a video game and not telling them they have to work for it for fifth-teen whole days. I’m trying to propose that all characters, DLC or not, should be free for a multiplayer game no matter what. I also have some great character concepts most from myself and some from the community that I think would be great for Battleborn’s growth within the gaming world. This would bring the amount of Battleborn from thirty to forty but I will only name six due to that I’m still looking for good concepts for both the U.P.R. and the Jenerit rebels. Characters that I created are still being debated upon their kits.
 Rouge
 Darcio
 Hellhound (other persons idea) Create your own Battleborn - a complete character creation section
 Eldrid
 Glacia
 Venom
 LLC (Last Light Consortium)
 K-9
 Neo
• Vary Character Moves better – This may be me but I really dislike having characters (3-5 character to be specific) to have the same non-varying moves. Six characters within Battleborn have a dash attack and one of them is ISIC. I simple solution to the problem would be changing the repeating moves, or moves that feel too similar, into moves/attacks that feel more to their style of combat. Characters may need to have a little rework within their kit not because they are overpowered but more of lines of their lack within the battle field like Montana which that I would recommend having a way to switch fire and ice bullets manually at any time.

I know that this is not ten points but some count as two points in one so I’ll let you figure out which is which. Look the point that I’m putting out is that you could incorporate these ideas within Battleborn so that more players can be going in to Battleborn and having a good time.


Hmm… interesting…

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Get what you’re saying. But this is up to 2K. Sadly. You’d have to go on their forums as we’ve discussed this here a plenty

Maybe a few extra voice lines, but I don’t think bosses should be changed in the long run. And Gunhulk was fine imo

I’m sorry but this would be a ridiculous complicated mess. There are so many reasons I could bring up but I don’t have the time and I’m sure someone else will soon


Seems too much to gain too little. I understand the desire for a horde type mode though.

Idk, seems like the decades of having to unlock things would disagree

All except Montana and Boldurs function differently. And past that, each have a different system of helices associated that can drastically transform their function.

I generally disagree with you. I respect the effort out in though, thanks


The only thing that would seem to work without spending an extraordinary amount of money to rework is the cost of the microtransactions.

Regardless of how cheap they become, I’m not going to be buying them, but that’s not the point.

The remaining ideas would cost way too much, which is further exacerbated by how the game is overall doing.


No problem

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This is kinda like asking Gearbox to create a singing unicorn that can cure cancer with its rainbow fairy kisses.

Even if it were technically possible (it is not), the need for stringent quality control makes it even more impossible. After all, Gearbox’s own developed content is subject to external certification and approval - it’s why we don’t have the patch yet. 99% of user submitted content would be either pornographic, terrible, or pornographically terrible. They’d have to hire/reassign somebody just to sift through it.


Good ideas and a lot of thought…thanks!

My own…

  1. Keep fixing and improving…but slow down actual release of all the improvements…SAVE A BUNCH OF THEM!

  2. Release “Battleborn Plus” mid November next year amidst GREAT fanfare stressing all the improvements and a MUCH better sales and marketing campaign. Much MUCH better advertising, sales and marketing! TOTALLY stress that this game is NOT like Overwatch and has so much more to offer. Make it stand out as “Different” and clearly define what folks will get with this game. PVP…AND…PVE for instance. Hell…make a “bullet List” of what you are going to get if you buy…bullet lists are GOOD…filled with easy one liner kinda of stuff that gamers can remember and pass along to other gamers in casual conversations. Helps the media idiots as well.

  3. Any existing owner is automatically updated to “Battleborn Plus” for FREE! Actual new game price at $9.95 which includes all old content and DLC.

  4. All ranks/gear/characters and currency transfers automatically.

This gives:

A. Almost a whole year to finalize all the improvements and polish the game with those improvements.

B. Almost a whole year to get all the training materiel and Dojos set up (for new players)

C. Incentive to bring back folks who have already purchased

D. Cheap intro price for new players.

E. Avoids Overwatch Frenzy

F. Better Timing to coincide with holiday buying

G. Buys another solid year to 18 months to further Develop BL3…some breathing space.

H. Makes some money off the game (Hey…you are releasing all these new revisions and UI changes anyway, why not capitalize on them?)

Existing players may decry my suggestions…but I’m not saying abandon the game…not at all.

I’m just saying that less than 180 players on PC at any given time is NOT doing ANYTHING for this game regardless of all the balancing and UI and other game improvements.


I agree with what you’re saying but OW will have PVE implemented by then so not this part

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Ahhhh did not know…smart move on their part…I tried OW and got bored as hell after a couple of days.

They had this Halloween thing and people loved it so much they broke down and decided to chuck it in

My goodness…OW tribesmen playing PVE…what heresy!! LOL

Blizzard is anything but stupid.

Yup, their marketing is the best in the business. Possibly any at this point

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Overwatch and Battleborn were compared from day one because of similar they looked. The marketing for Battleborn didn’t do a good enough job of distinguishing itself from Overwatch IMO. people thought they were both hero based FPS’s and compaired them on that basis. Ever since then, no matter how much people try to get the news out that Battleborn is nothing like Overwatch, people will still compare the two. In terms of marketing, hype, popularity, player bases, heroes, game modes and literally every other aspect. We tend to just ask ourselves why Overwatch did so well and Battleborn…not so well.

We kill Overwatch. You guys figure out the rest. Maybe give Pharah homing rockets? Too obvious. Let’s give all their devs creepy mustache tattoos. Yeah, that’ll do it. They could never show their faces again. And let’s replace Reinhardt and Ana with Hanzos! Three Hanzos! Who can pull off complicated hacking over hundreds of servers?


Soooo, an actual Butt-Stallion?

I’m going to go ahead and guess the 6 characters with dash attacks you mentioned, and I’ll tell you why most if not all of them are very different level zero. Boldur, Caldarius, El Dragon, ISIC, Mellka, and Montana.

  • Mellka’s is short ranged and only effects one target, but it can also score critical hits. Along with the glaring difference of if you look up at a certain degree before you use it, you gain massive momentum and verticality. Sending you 50 feet up in the air or half way across the map. Along with a very short cooldown.
  • El Dragon’s has a massive range and can hit multiple targets, making it almost incomparable when it comes to escapes and engages as you won’t stop dead in your tracks like Mellka if you run into a lowly minion. You can also control your dash mid-activation, allowing you to steer him around obstacles and towards fleeing targets. But it comes at the cost of being unactivate-able while you are mid-air.
  • ISIC’s might as well be a full blown teleportation. As it can penetrate and damage all of the enemies he comes into contact with during the dash. And it comes with an aiming reticle, which while you can’t just charge off a cliff with it, now you can aim it anywhere on the x, y, or z plane. So if you aim at the top of a wall with El Dragon you’ll just run into the wall, but if you do it with ISIC you will dash on top of the wall escaping, getting out of reach of melee characters, setting up in Omega Strke, etc…
  • Caldarius’ is the most boring out of the bunch IMO. It is single target, can’t crit, and if you don’t jump before hand he tends to get stuck on the terrain when he uses it. You can control it mid-activation and it has a minor non-silence type knock back, but that’s really it.
  • Montana’s has a silence knock back CC on it, which can stun a target if you knock them into the terrain or a non-player ally. It has a massive hit box and can be continually aimed during the priming period. And I think it can even be controlled mid-activation, but you go so fast it doesn’t really matter. It’s decently similar to Boldur’s dash, but level two has drastic changes to the skills that really can make them unique.
  • Boldur’s has a silence knock back that can also turn into a stun. It has a moderate hit box and can be barely aimed while it is primed, but it is much faster than Montana’s. On activation it also grants Boldur 25% damage reduction and 20% attack speed for 6 seconds.

And that is all at level zero. Once you get more levels the skills become even more unique than they already are, like level 4 for El Dragon or level 2 for Montana and Boldur. But really these are just ways to get from point A to point B quickly, and include things like Phoebe’s teleport, Attikus’ Pounce, Benny’s Liftoff, Alani’s ‘Ride the Wave’, etc… And there are only so many ways to do that.

How would you propose they change mobility skills so that they feel more unique than they already are?


Premade teams pubstomping people already scared most people off. I almost want to say it’s too late.

I have several friends who got the game during the bundle but now aren’t ever coming back. And why? Because of the matchmaking. They just lost every single game and could never do anything but die.

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Sounds like me for the first 3 weeks I started doing PvP…for the first time in my life.

Think I was like 0 and thirty something before I was on a winning side.

I just hung in there and figured I had to go through the right of passage in order to learn. And yes, I did get better. but the guys I was playing against totally outclassed me in knowledge, quick twitch and just darn overall skill level.


Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment.
Yes, I’m stupid.

But I also have friends who weren’t as willing to go through the high level of initial pain.

And you are right, they are not coming back unless matchmaking is fixed. And that will NEVER happen with less than 200 PC players on line at any given moment. Just kinda impossible. No matching algorithm will beat the basic low math numbers. Unfortunate, but reality.


Yeah, I’m new to the game and I agree. I’ve only tried the PVP twice and both times it was a pub-stomp. To make matters worse it seems like one or two players can just dominate a match. In particular, one match I found that Melka just couldn’t be killed, like 3 on 1 and she wouldn’t die. In my first match there was a Phoebe that her health seemed to stop going down once you hit the one-third left status and that splash wave thingy is a ridiculous spam-fest. This was on the xbox one version which seems like a ghost town for PVP.

If Overwatch decides to implement lots of PvE content in their game, then this game is essentially finished.