A Very Detailed Proposal on How to Bring Back Battleborn


edit: I’m not being facetious, I seriously don’t understand how OW adding a “shoot the mobs together” mode is going to totally suck away all BB’s PVE playerbase. It’s not as if OW seems likely to introduce a gear and levelling system - it’s a twitch shooter in PVP, and it’ll be a twitch shooter in PVE, right?

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It’s not sucking away at Battleborn’s player base; it’s more like OW would be covering every base that they previously lacked. Whether the OW’s PvE campaigns and other content would be nearly as good as Battleborn’s is irrelevant, since OW has over 10 million players and Blizzard can go ahead and brag how such a significant fraction of their player base liking it and playing it so actively. Besides, their zealots would defend it to the death -even if what is given to them is poison.

Given how OW is enjoying their microtransactions so much and are always looking for ways to psychologically pummel their players into spending more money on their Spray Boxes, Blizzard may not be so inclined to create PvE content -given that they cannot milk it in the same fashion they are currently milking their current player base. As you know, getting all of the money simply isn’t enough money. If PvE cannot earn nearly as much as their current model, you know they become that much more reluctant to make it.

My point is that if OW decides to tackle the PvE route also, they can declare to the world that any other game in the hero-shooter genre can go to hell, that they have no hope of survival, since they are now a dragon that could tackle any obstacle in their path -in this case the game will cater to both PvP and PvEers.

Like I said, even if the content is going to be jack garbage, they have over 10 million players. Let’s assume only 2% of that player base are crazed fanatics that will cut off their own arm if Blizzard merely makes an absentminded comment in jest, that’s still 200K players -a number that Battleborn dreams of having. I don’t think I need to go much further with what I’m trying to suggest.

My only solace that this won’t happen is because Activision is even worse than 2K when it comes to greed.

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