A very simple idea to give Fl4k the survivibility he deserves

Here is my idea, make the skill “Rage and Recover” a hunt skill. I think this little change could completely make Fl4k green tree worth again. With Cosmic Stalker class mod (and so 6 points in Big Game), killing something would make the skill last 9 sec which is nice duration, and also give 14.8% health regen, with some other health regen skills Fl4k could easily get 25% HR/sec. For me, this is a nice number to make easily use of the green tree. Also, it will proc on Bounty Hunter CM, so you may be able to survive against bosses without losing too much damage.

What do you guys think about this idea, this is an easy one and this is not Life Steal, also Gearbox give a second hunt skill in purple tree as well.


Yes and no.

Yes - this would be a smart idea for the devs to pursue IMO. Spec RAR and use a Bounty Hunter COM with any multi-pellet weapon and you would have nearly constant healing on whatever build. I very much like this idea. I am not sure why there is a difference between “Hunter Skills” and “Kill Skills” on Fl4k to start with.

No - in the sense that many of us Fl4k mains have been asking for RAR to be made into a Hunter skill for way, way more than a year (I just found a thread where I discussed this exact same proposal from April 2020). So “no” in the sense that I don’t think this will ever happen.

But I believe it should happen and should already have happened. RAR should be a Hunter Skill, period.

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