A very simple wish

Doesn’t anyone else wish that once completed, the mutation helix section would have a name, because honestly the little things like that with the helix I love a LOT



Any names you have in mind for some

i will look at the helixes and think on it since i am drawing a blank

Ok, I will too

Great idea!

Marquis - Aristocrat, Assassin…A**hole.

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Agreement although I have no ideas

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Conservative gentleman

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I’m having a harder time than I thought I would too

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Mellka - Toxic Personality
Vitriolic Viciousness
Every Cyber Rose Has Its Thorn (that song was by Poison hehe)

I like the first on actually

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Any ideas for montanas

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Whiskey - A Clone, Alone

Kelvin - Cold As Ice and / or Willing To Sacrifice

Benedict - Eye of the Tigerhawk


Thorns would be Ranger. Sorry @cadecampbell got my idea and reality confused


I think that is her right helix

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Deande - No Rest For The Wicked

Ambra - Solar What?

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No problem and I like that idea

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Montana - Next Stop - PAINTOWN!

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Oscar mike -clone of war

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