A Video Overview of the Matchmaking update and community reaction


Phenomenal video

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Thanks for the video!

You mentioned overwatch a couple times. This mm change appears influenced by overwatch, but offering some say on what game type. Also, I wonder the system behind choosing votable game types; I.e., is it random or look into player match history? If casual targets variety and the goal is hit, then I like it-for matches are no more one sided , imbalanced than they were before. But this is the beta for this system, a work in progress. So if statistics align with the feedback, mm will be adjusted. I’m glad PC players haven’t been forgotten

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could you please just summarize all of that into a few sentences or a paragraph for me? its too late here, and i kind of got lost in some of the wordiness.

Not everyone likes video. It’s hard to discuss or quote it. Could you please write some words that summarise your main points? Or consider contributing a post to an existing thread?

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That’s a terrific video, I really appreciate you highlighting how this change reduces choice and doesn’t really improve things, because the competitive queue isn’t choice based, most players will play casual anyway sort of negating the purpose of it.

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Honestly, they should’ve just had four game modes where the fourth is Competitive. Under Competitive you have just the two Incursion matches or the three when the new one comes out.

It was pretty obvious that that was the only game type people really took serious.

The disconnect here comes from people wanting a shooter’s map variety in a moba game where traditionally you have 1 mode you play 99% of the time and then a few to toy around on every once and awhile. It pretty much showed as soon as they threw capture and meltdown into the same place as Incursion. Hell the group of people I play with will literally play 15 incursion games before even once attempting any of the other game modes.

Now people realize “holy crap it does work like this”. They should just treat it like a moba and try to make Incursion the fastest while understanding that meltdown and capture are slower because there’s just not that many people that play them.

Even in CoD when you look at the playlists 55-72% of the players on any given day are in Team death match. Doesn’t matter whether its Core, Hardcore, or Special. I’d wager its the same here with Incursion.

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Video is: intro, we go over Devs intended goals, we go over both positive and negative reaction of changes.

I suggest: PC get separate patches, to beta test changes like this via weekend events, that ranked has to have stakes or rewards suitable to challenge, and that I disagree with loss of choice in game modes.

Ultimately feel a bad was done to help PC players unique situation, but hurt consoles.

Thank you very much for saying this.

I know that incursion feels too…you make some really good points.

Randy stated on Reddit this has nothing to do with Overwatch, suppose it’s best to go from horse’s mouth. I’m also glad PC players aren’t forgetton.

By beta test I mean try running what us now the competitive queue for a weekend and see how people feel. Don’t just overhaul the whole thing overnight, too much of a system shock.

Thank you very much!

8:30 to 9:30 is an absolutely brilliant idea and should have been the way to go. I fear it’s a little too late for it though given this last change’s rather “mixed” reaction.

Thank you, that’s much appreciated.

Hope we still see you stream. Good recap for people like me who haven’t really had the chance to play since the patch.

Saw the patch notes and scratched my head a bit. A match making mode with no rules? A system where we’re voting for what map we play? Neither of those seem like a great idea.

The game modes are just too different to just leave things to a majority vote. Especially if the most popular mode is incursion. I do love incursion but I think that at the moment it’s just too difficult to push. Waves are eliminated easily as long as you have 1 or 2 waveclear characters preventing any push. The overshield minion made this at least a bit more difficult but since I assume that’s still gone I don’t see any good way to end stalemates in the middle.

Last week’s tournament proved how difficult it is to make any progress unless one team is significantly better at working together.

I’ll be playing my first games today, solo as I do most of the time, but I’m afraid I’ll be quitting after a couple of forced overgrowth games.

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You sum things up really well. “Faster” matches when matchmaking times weren’t really a problem most of the time, at the cost of being able to actually enjoy matchmaking. It’s upsetting a huge number of players for no benefit.

As a side not, watching you play was extremely distracting. It was almost physically painful to watch you NOT kill those accelerators.

What’s up Waeren?

Good to hear from you man. I’m not done streaming or creating content for Battleborn. Monday I’ll grind PvE for ten hours, come Tuesday give PvP another shake. Got too many projects in the oven, that just need completed filming to quit. when these changes hit I was right in the middle of pulling tons of footage together for a big guide. However, Waeren…these changes have been oddly jarring.

I played Destiny +2000 hours, still leave it with mixed feelings, but it took so much for me to finally feel it was time to let it lay. I’ve loved Battleborn just as much, but this one change has been enough that it dried up my motivation to play through it. Not least of which is that we have simply been forced to play one map and one mode for far too long.

And, as I synthesize it more, it’s ultimately the long TTK, communication requirement, and stalemating that is occurring. Limited offensive options in a well worn map, where positioning was never a crucial stratagem. It’s about push and pull. I was on the verge of including footage for the “stalemating in progress” as a super cut of how many times I was yawning…You play the game enough to feel out kill or death situations. And the skill levels of both teams is such that no one puts themselves into that kill position for thirty plus minutes. Thus…it’s boring.

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Thank you thanatos! Extremes are never good. Reworking the whole matchmaking system overnight is extreme.

Thank you for your feedback!

Any poor play, or not to snuff footage, goes in line with the idea of old matchmaking. I don’t know about you Battleborn, I need a reason if I’m going to put in extra effort. In the old system I played to win, but we just shot the bull, hung out, got some kills or got killed – it was chill. I have matches on my channel where we do cross our t’s and dot our i’s with constant communication. That was old matchmaking too, two premades in a bragging rights war by total chance.

There isn’t that in between. And I’m going to grind in competitive, there had better be a carrot on the stick. If I’m going to be forced into Incursion on Overgrowth ad nasuam there needs to be benefits. Credits and Exp for us end game people isn’t much. Most of us are geared out, and if we’re playing competitive it’s on our main – isn’t command rank just an afterthought at this point?

So, to avoid the stalemating and dry end game we find ourselves in I need to get a premade who are willing to synergize rolls, communicate at great levels, and attach themselves to the idea of the assist. That had better be worth it, because at the end of the day it’s about fun. Stakes, reward, incentive, and bragging rights create that fun.

Yeah, the rewards in this game definitely need to be increased. It’s taking thousands of experience to level up characters right now and I’m getting like 20-30 most matches. The credits are also awful. It’s only like 400 per match, even during double credit weekend. It also doesn’t help that selling bad gear gives you basically nothing. You’d have to sell almost 20 LEGENDARY pieces to be able to buy an Epic pack. I’m definitely not going to sell a legendary – even a ■■■■ one – for peanuts like that, and the other tiers are even worse.