A Visual Guide to Gear Flairs (WIP)

Hi folks! So you might have heard, there’s this new neat little cosmetic feature in the game called Gear Flairs! Thanks to recent advancements in my 3D model projects I can now export and load up these static models for taking screenshots. Interestingly the coloring on them is 100% vertex colors (no textures) so I need to write a shader before i will be able to render them with proper coloring etc.

What I do have though is a complete list of all the possible combinations you can get. There are 21 unique Flair models in the game. A few of them also have different color variations making up 31 different Flair variations available.

PSA: This list is based on the mesh files, some of which may not even actually be in used (ie the low poly horns look like copies of Horn 003). I would recommend using this as a guide to pair up with the ones you find in-game and then repost with actual screenshots.

  • Chef’s Hat
  • Crown 001
  • Crown 002
  • Crown 003 (+Founder’s Crown)
  • Crown 004 (+Wooden Crown)
  • Ears 001 (+Black, +White)
  • Ears 002 (+Black, +Blue, +Green, +Yellow)
  • Ears 003
  • Ears 004 (+Black, +Blue)
  • Ears 005
  • Ears 006
  • Horn 001
  • Horn 002
  • Horn 003
  • Horn 004
  • Horn 005
  • Horn 006
  • Horn 007
  • Horn 008
  • Horn 009
  • Nurse Hat



I am mourning the absence of a fedora.


Wish WINGS were a flair item. Poor Toby and Ernest will now never know the feel of having majestic wings.

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I’m sure the devs would be keen to know what other Gear Flairs you’d like to see get added to the game! :wink:

I want a backflip full cap and sneakers ^^ How cool Deande or Benedict would look like ^^




Nurse Benedict, healing you from high in the sky!


Unfortunately, because the flair items are on Berg and not Toby (at least the hats are, i don’t know about the ears), he STILL wouldn’t get to fly… :expressionless:

Ok so here are all the Gear Flair models (which are internally referred to as “Wearables” with vertex colors enabled. Think of these as color masks that get replaced with a proper color as per the material being applied to it, which is how you can have both the normal Crown 3 and the Founder’s Crown while only having one model and zero textures!! Hopefully I can get a shader going that renders the proper colors and lighting and then I can start taking pics with different characters wearing them!!

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Ah, I was wondering what they all looked like. Thanks for always working so hard to peek under the hood, lowlines.

The horns are really… similar. I think the chef hat and the last crown are the standouts. With the vertex colors applied to that crown, I was immediately reminded of this:

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21 pieces. would be cool if there were 37 total. Do you want me to wear more?

Trying to get these looking like they do in-game is challenging because I actually have to interact with GLSL code to apply the vertex colors onto the meshes. Below is every single material being rendered out using the base colors.

If you compare the Founder’s Crown to what it looks like in-game, it still looks pretty different and that comes down to a bunch of custom shader code applied to the meshes that I only have a basic understanding of at this point in time. Textured models are easier because the majority of the visuals are pre-baked into the texture files, whereas stuff like this that is rendered on the fly makes it way more apparent how bad I currently am at 3d rendering!

My end goal with this was to generate my own 3d icons for this guide that I wanted to look even remotely as good as the Founder’s Crown does from the Founder’s Pack FAQ, but at this point in time, I feel like that is beyond my capabilities. What I can do is provide a list of names for all the flairs so you can at least use this as reference fro interpreting the text found on the gear cards.

  • Hat Flair
  • Chef Hat
  • Imperial Crown (Crown 001)
  • Pointed Crown (Crown 002)
  • Rounded Crown (Crown 003)
  • Founder’s Crown: The Shard of Solus (Crown 003 + Founder)
  • Spiked Crown (Crown 004)
  • Wooden Spiked Crown (Crown 004 + Wood)
  • Nurse Hat
  • Ears Flair
  • Grey Tall Cat Ears (Ears 001)
  • Black Tall Cat Ears (Ears 001 + Black)
  • White Tall Cat Ears (Ears 001 + White)
  • Pink High-Tech Ears (Ears 002)
  • Black High-Tech Ears (Ears 002 + Black)
  • Blue High-Tech Ears (Ears 002 + Blue)
  • Green High-Tech Ears (Ears 002 + Green)
  • Yellow High-Tech Ears (Ears 002 + Yellow)
  • Silver Tipped Ears (Ears 003)
  • Silver and Red Audio Ears (Ears 004)
  • Silver and Black Audio Ears (Ears 004 + Black)
  • Silver and Blue Audio Ears (Ears 004 + Blue)
  • Silver Curved Cat Ears (Ears 005)
  • Grey Soft Ears (Ears 006)
  • Horns Flair
  • Metal Spike Horns (Horn 001)
  • Metal Stub Horns (Horn 002)
  • Metal Curved Horns (Horn 003)
  • Evil Horns (Horn 004)
  • Long Horns (Horn 005)
  • Crystal Curved Horns (Horn 006)
  • Curved Horns (Horn 007)
  • Metal Viking Horns (Horn 008)
  • Ram Horns (Horn 009)