A Visual Guide to Gear Types & Factions

Got a new piece of gear but not too sure which faction it is from? Here is a visual guide to gear types and which factions make what items. While there may be around 780 items currently in the game, a gear type for a specific faction will have the same base name and icon unless it is a legendary (in which case it will look slightly flashier and more expensive but still follows the same visual design as lower rarities).

ie “Stinger” is what Rogue call their gloves or Attack Damage buffing items. Higher rarities will have a faction specific prefix: Agile “Stinger” (Uncommon), Scoundrel’s “Stinger” (Rare) and Hastening “Stinger” (Epic). Flawed versions will also have an extra prefix (ie for Rogue it would “Dicey”), but all will have the same base name (much like in Borderlands 2).

You can read up more on the finer details with my Gear Guide, but if you just want a quick infographic look no further!



Wow, this is awesome! Bet this’ll be useful for people.