A Visual Guide to How Gear Skills Affect Character Skills (aka Character Builder)



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Finally back to working on this project!! It’s taken a while to pull all the necessary data I need to turn this into a useable app. Even without Alani and Pendles, there is just a colossal amount of data that makes up a character :sweat_smile:

I apologise to anyone that has tried using the information currently up on the website and came away feeling confused. I got about halfway through the next big update and then Lootpocalypse and the July Update happened and I haven’t been able to come back to this since.

Here is a list of things I aim to achieve with the next update:

  • Change over to the new layout that I showcased a few weeks back; this will allow you to inspect individual helix nodes and see how they affect character skills dynamically
  • Add a legend to better explain how the skill icons work.
  • Add the ability to see the calculated raw stat values after activating helix nodes as well as simulating in-game levelling from 1 through 10 (ie Max Health, Max Shield, Attack Damage for all Attacks, etc)

Future goals:

  • Add the ability to save and share builds
  • Add Loadout support so you can see how effective an entire build is (this could be a fair amount of work, so I’m putting on it the future list for now)

I don’t really have an ETA on this since stuff can come up or I might run into issues implementing it. But I’m hoping to push an update up sometime next week, which will hopefully make Gear Skills a lot more useful and easier to use than what it currently is.

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Update: First off, please be aware this is still very much a work in progress! Dynamically calculating character stats is incredibly complicated and I am still trying to iron out the issues that are causing errors in the displayed values. I still have a lot of work to do on this, but I felt there was enough information on there now that it could be useful to people (at the very least, more so than what was on there previously).

Remember to hit F5 to refresh your cache!!


Side by Side Skill Comparison

Hovering over an augmentation will adjust the visible skills on the left hand side to show you the skill it will affect. When you activate that augmentation it will try to update the Character Skill text to match what it would display if you were doing this in-game. It works for some things, and will do nothing for others. Not totally sure if this is an error on my part, or just that the game doesn’t properly adjust the descriptions for all changes. In the future I would like to make this a bit clearer with stuff like previewing the change before you apply the augmentation and updating the skill description with all the active augmentations. There are however A LOT of augmentations to go through, so this is something I’d have to work through over time.

Simulated Experience Level (0-10)

By default, all stats are simulated as though your character is at Level 1, however you can change this by clicking on the displayed Level (upper right hand corner of the Base Stats section). When you inspect a character from the Command Menu, it actually calculates stats with an Experience Level of 0, which is why you can also set it to that.

There are more base stats I can display (such as base damage for skills, jump height, and movement speed) however I am still trying to figure out how to get them to match in-game values so I have left them hidden for now.

Dynamic Skill Cooldown Times

Some Character Skills had information on their Cooldowns, which I’ve added to the display next to each skill’s name. Augmentations that reduce Skill Cooldowns will update these timers with the actual Cooldown Time, though I have noticed some don’t seem to be working.

At A Glance Skill Effects

As for the at a glance skill and augmentation effects (the gear icons used in previous versions), I have only transferred across Ambra’s ones so far, as it is going to take some time to do the rest. I have also added a Legend at the top of the page (see How To Use This Guide?) to explain how to interpret these icons.

I would keep on working on this some more this week, but it happens to be Double XP weekend and I have several characters that need some levelling. :heart:

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Where’s Alani?

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This project relies heavily on the raw data that was mined from the PC version of the game. Currently, DLC characters are in-accessible to me meaning I’d have to manually build up their information and maintain it. Since I am still trying to get the other 25 characters working properly, adding Alani and Pendles is low on my priority list at this point in time. :sweat:

I do plan to get to them eventually though (fingers crossed the Gearbox devs change it so I can pull information on released DLC characters).

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Update: Discovered an issue with how I was exporting complex variable formulas that were using unused (garbage) variables instead of the correct ones (the joys of making sense of Unreal Engine data…). This seems to have fixed several skill descriptions that were displaying incorrect stat values. There could still be more errors to find, which I will try to fix as I update each character.

Added/Updated Gear Skill Icons for Ambra, Attikus and Benedict. More to come.

Ambra’s Solar Wind skill is currently displaying a much higher base value (125) compared to the current in-game value (80), but Battleplan #12 says it was increased by 43%?? Anyone know if this was an error stated in the Battleplan and that the base value was reduced not increased? What was the base value before this hotfix?

Characters with shields (ie Galilea, Boldur, ISIC) seem to display the max possible blocking damage when you inspect their skills in the Command Menu. However you don’t actually get the full block damage unless you unlock the right augmentations such as Boldur’s “Deft Defender” at Level 3. Kind of misleading displaying max possible stats for some things and then have other stats that are relative to the current ExpLevel (which is zero when in the Command Menu).

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Really Nice, i like how you are progressing.

Do you plan on adding gear’s stats effect to make it a skill damage calculator ? attack damage, attack speed, skill damage, crit damage, shield strenght (for kleese and deande), heatlh (for kelvin) etc…

As the character page have nearly all information do you also plan to add, the lore challenge, their legendary and the level to unlock mutation ?

I also felt like it was an error in the battleplan, if i remember well it was around 80 damage… and after the patch it was down. But now in the command menu it’s 80 damage.

So i think it was a stealth nerf or bug and they bring it back to normal. Like they did with El Dragon’s Health.

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Yep, the plan is to gradually turn this project into a fully fledged stats calculator! I already have a few of those other stats however the values don’t seem to match in-game values, so more testing is needed.

Other stats include:

  • AttackPower
  • StandardBaseAttack01
  • StandardBaseAttack02
  • StandardBaseAttack03
  • FootSpeed
  • JumpHeight
  • FlightStamina (Benedict only)

All attack stats have a PerLevel increase stat much like the way MaxHealth works, but not all characters will have all of these, whether they inherit the global base value or it is because they don’t use it for calculating stats, I’m not sure yet.

Weapons also have a bunch of base values too but I’m not outputting them yet. I also want to include support items such as Sunspots, Holotwins and Energy Rifts which I think are treated as Enemies in the data.

Eventually I want to be able to specify a gear loadout too so you can fully simulate your stats at any given point. It will probably have a minimal UI that will have a simple Gear Picker that feeds off of the checked off gear you have selected from the Gear Search app.

As for other things. I want to try and keep the information I put up on my website as something you can incorporate into an app, as the Battleborn Wiki and MentalMars already house this type of information and I don’t want to overlap with that too much unless I am doing something different with the information. So if I were to do something with the Lore, it would be interactive and would probably have its own section. There was an off topic discussion in another thread about piecing together all the information into a structured encylopedia type thing but I probably don’t have the time right now to devote to something like that.

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  • Added/Updated Gear Skills for Boldur, Caldarius and Deande, plus some minor changes to the previous 3 to make the icons more consistent.
  • Ambra’s Staff of Radiance when using “Ceremonial Sacrifice” or “Stellar Ritual” benefits from both Attack Damage and Heal Power when healing the target. This was tested and confirmed by @horrorshow22 (with input from @mor_dhonuts) in another thread about Ambra’s Healing abilities.
  • Adjusted Boldur’s Base Health Regeneration to match the Hotfix in Battleplan #12.
  • Changed references to Support Objects (I refer to them as Turrets) to reflect the active character, (ie “Sunspots” for Ambra, “Holotwin” for Deande)

Update 2:

  • Added El Dragon, Galilea, and Ghalt

A few unknowns if anyone could elaborate on them further.

  • Is there a limit to how many times El Dragon’s Momentum (R2) and Cut the Line (L9) can stack?
  • Is the bonus damage from Ghalt’s Tactical Rounds Attack Damage or Skill Damage?

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On Deande there is something weird about both her lvl 2 helix

Base holotwin stat = 20% health and 25% damage

When you take the left helix (+50% damage) it becomes 50% but it should be 25%x50%=37.5% or 25%+50%=75%, no ?

When you take the right helix (+30% heatlh) it becomes 80% but it should be 20%x30%=26% or 20%+30%=50%, no ?

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Hmm, there’s definitely something up with the conditional logic at least from the perspective of the descriptions…

For Holotwin Health the logic is like this:

if (Aug_R2 == 1) HolotwinHealth = 0.5 + 0.3 * Aug_R2(1) = 80%
else HolotwinHealth = 0.2 + 0.3 * Aug_R2(0) = 20%

And for Holotwin Damage:

if (Aug_L2 == 1) HolotwinDamage = 0.5 = 50%
else HolotwinDamage = 0.25 = 25%

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Okay, so I started up 2 Hardcore PvE missions and took screenshots of the skills after applying both L2 and R2 augmentations.

All Safeties Off (L2) bumps Holotwin Damage up from 25% to 50% (the augmentation states +50%) - This one appears to be functioning the same as in-game despite the misleading descriptions.

Refined Emitters (R2) bumps Holotwin Health up from 20% to 50% (the augmentation states +30%) - My implementation on this one seems to be changing it to 80%. From what I can see, when the augmentation is set, it ignores the base value and adds 0.5 to 0.3. There’s obviously something wrong with how I’m interpreting the conditional logic :disappointed_relieved:

@scottv Is there perhaps an error happening with the Holotwin Skill Descriptions after applying said augmentations?

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  • Cleaned up the OP a bit to better reflect the overall discussion of this thread. Split out DoT from CC (as I felt that was a little misleading) and tweaked some of the other CC descriptions.
  • Renamed the “Gear Skills” page to “Character Builder” to better describe what the page is for.
  • I am now dynamically building Resource Pools, which for the most part only had an effect on Kelvin who starts with 0/300 Max Shield and has a -20 Shield Recharge Rate due to the unique way he uses his shield.
  • More minor tweaks to Gear Skills, I’m still working through each character, but I’m doing them in blocks or 3 or so, so as not to get burnt out trying to fill them all out at once
  • I also have located a bunch of base stats for weapons and character specific abilities but due to some missing link I can’t pull them in dynamically. Will add these once I have adjusted my export scripts to account for them. This is stuff like Benedict’s base Rocket Projectile Damage, and values for each variation of things like Grenades and that. This will eventually get added as part of a “Weapons” section under Skills.

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@lowlines Just found an other error :slight_smile:

On the Caldarius page, for the Flashbangs description you put the description of the “Flash Barrage” helix (L4)… even if you don’t select the helix

(lowlines - PS4) #82

Yeah it’s a bug in how I’m interpreting the conditional logic I pulled from the game that dictates what text is chosen for the skill description. Miko is another one where this is happening too for his Ult. My original assumption was that selecting a helix augmentation would produce a true or false result but apparently there’s a different value being returned as for example some of the conditions check for a value of 0.5 (this might be because internally helix choices are set up with the potential of having tiers much like buildables).

I’m in the process of fixing it, however I’ve been a little preoccupied lately so I’ve had to put it on hold until I have a chance to figure out what’s going on. I’m hoping to get a big chunk of work done on this on Saturday as I will have a 4 hour flight with no internet connection to keep me from getting distracted :sunglasses:

Which gear effects which abilities
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  • Added Gear Skills for ISIC, Kelvin, Kleese, Marquis, Mellka, Miko, Montana, Orendi and Oscar Mike
  • Fleshed out the How to Guide with a sort of infographic table of icons (see screenshot for sample)
  • Added a bunch of more icons to cover things not really shown at a glance (ie reduced Activation Time, effects being applied while the Passive skill is active, etc)

Note: There was some styling changes I had to do for laying out the How to Guide, so be sure to refresh your cache before using it.

I haven’t gotten to figuring out what’s going on with the skill descriptions yet. But I plan to troubleshoot it once I’ve finished fleshing out all the gear skills, which I reckon needs to be renamed since covers a lot more than just skills that are found on gear.

While putting together this more fleshed out how to guide I realized that I’ve got quite a lot of different skill icons in there now. The idea behind it is being able to try and quantify what a given augmentation/skill does at a glance without having to read the description and getting all the terminology to match as it can vary character to character, or even between descriptions. Whether or not it has become too complicated, I’ll have to wait and see.

Once I have gone over all of them, I’m going to put up a list of things I’m not certain about or have found the descriptions to be bugged/incorrect (such as Deande’s L2/R2 augmentations).

Turns out best time to get work done, is on a plane where there is no internet or Battleborn to play to distract you :sweat_smile: On top of that, PS4 Remote Play isn’t working from my hotel, so I literally can’t play Battleborn even if I wanted to…

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Ok, time for a looooooooooooong overdue update on what I’ve been calling my “Character Builder”. :slight_smile:

This project has forever been that one thing I had a cool vision for, but just couldn’t quite get it the way I wanted it to and with the constant often weekly character balancing changes, it just made it even harder to return to it and try to fix a lot of the problems with it.

DLC characters were always going to be tricky since I don’t have access to the data for them. That still hasn’t changed, but now with Beatrix just around the corner, I think its time to do something about it.

The first issue was with the fact that because it has been so long, the structure of the data I generate for my website has changed and I hadn’t yet set it up to run automated updates whenever a patch dropped. I’ve mostly got this part working now however the stats listed on skills appear to be more broken than they were before * yay *. On the plus side, I can now manually add the base stats and static skills and helixes for DLC characters easily without having to run a full update for every single character!

I’ve done base stats for all 5 DLC characters, but I have so far only done up a static version of Alani’s Skills and Helix.

Since the Winter Update is coming very soon, there’s little point in going through now to fix all the stat errors, but at least now I am ready to run an automated update to apply anything that isn’t still being hotfixed in. :slight_smile:

This is just the beginning, I hope to put a bit of time into it in the near future and try and get the Character Builder back on track to where I actually wanted it to be months ago.


Added static skills and helix for Pendles.

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Thanks @lowlines

(30% more flak) #86

Question, do you have access to data from the DLC operations?

(lowlines - PS4) #87

Last 3 DLC characters added with some crappy photoshopping of the skill icons from screenshots. I’m missing a decent icon for her Outbreak Ultimate Skill so I’ve just put a “?” in its place. Ernest also has 1 helix on his tree with an icon I don’t have, so that has been “?” too.

Who do you have to thank for all this? 5 hours of flights… :sweat_smile:

Also Beatrix’s Skill stats are based on her Level 2 or 3 Helix screenshot because I did them on the plane when I had no internet and hadn’t saved down her skill screens beforehand >_> I’ll come back and fix these later, I just wanted to push this out before I go to bed. Doing a talk about games and APIs tomorrow morning. :sunglasses: