A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops

I completed The Renegade on Advanced Yesterday solo and got a bronze rating? But I didn’t get a legendary piece of gear? Am I missing something?

Do I need to get a higher score?
Or legendary gear isn’t guaranteed?

Yep. Boss drops are completely separate to mission completion. Doing well in the mission has no impact on the drop rates.

Bronze is also actually the lowest rating you can get, so even if it was based on your performance bronze probably wouldn’t net you anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still don’t understand how to get a high score…

I looted everything I could find and tried to make sure I got all the drops from the bosses.

Cool, good to know. I got a couple of Legendary items before so I thought it was a given :slight_smile:

Check these out! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That really helped a lot. I didn’t know about the quick kill bonus. Plus I used a lot of turret and traps…

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Yeah looting everything will only get you part of the way. You have to pick up golden orbs (bonus score) that drop from bosses and loot chests and you have to either kill ALOT of enemies or kill them quick enough to earn Quick Kill Bonus Score which is practically impossible without a character that can either do massive damage and/or consistently land critical hits that basically have to one shot most enemies and has Shield Penetration. Melee characters such as Rath have no hope getting a high score solo unless you exploit endless waves of minions (which won’t work on all missions) or have a really good loadout. Either way, none of this will net you better drops, just maybe more XP/Credits and the satisfaction of getting a high star rating on that mission/difficulty.

Updated the Detailed Legendary Boss Drop infographic with a screenshot taken from my Gear Search app. Displayed stats should be more accurate now. Please let me know if there are any with wrong max stats, ideally with a screenshot of the gear card from in-game so i can compare and figure out what’s going wrong.


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The Alamo 7 still has the old description, it should be damage immunity for 2 seconds once every 120 seconds. If my memory serves me right.

Can’t provide SS don’t have the Alamo yet :joy:

Was it always supposed to be that or was it actually changed in an update? Really not liking not being able to see all the changes in the data going forward. There’s even a ton of skins and taunts coming out and I probably won’t be able to pull information on ANY of it :confused:

It was changed with one of the battleplans, I think like around week 3 ish
I could be wrong tho I do know it was pretty op so it did get changed

@phoreverphamily Just had it drop for me while farming ISIC for the hostile_takeover.exe.


Will look into adjusting the legendary function on it when I have a chance (manual gear adjustments, yay…XD).


Sir you need to add me so we can farm and do story together :stuck_out_tongue:. PSN is Quack858.

So this is still not a sticky? Had to scroll waaaay too low to find it again :wink:
( shameless bump, but that’s for SCIENCE )


Even if every hardcore Battleborn player were to put up a positive post, it would still be a drop in the ocean to all the whiners venting their frustration/rage out on the forums :frowning: And with Marketplace getting an update this week, we haven’t got a chance XD

People should just keep bumping it with screenshots of their hard-earned boss drops (which I can then use to fix errors in my Gear data) :wink:

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Does having more players present in your story server when you defeat a boss increase the chances of a legendary piece dropping? if not, i’d be glad to stop doing the endless noob searching to get that 5 player session on a specific mission. additionally, if having 5 players in your server is the best for legendary drops, do they have they have to stay in order to ensure the max cahnce of a drop? i notice a player would would leave (let’s say we start as a 5 man raid party and we beat mission with 4 players), we the drop chances stay the same?

I have about 15-20 legendary boss drops I mostly earned from solo runs that say otherwise. Having more players will mean runs may go quicker, but it also means increased difficulty since more badass type enemies will spawn and everything will take and deal more damage.

I won’t put it down as a definite thing, but if it is more stressful trying to get the numbers I would dial it back and stick to 1 or 2. Enemy stats only appear to scale with 3 or more players, you will just have a few more tougher enemies to deal with a 2-man team.

I play most evenings after work and on weekends and I am still seeing 1-3 legendaries drop for me every week (sometimes even 2 separate boss drops in one run). Generally not the ones I want mind, but legendaries still the same.

fantastic. i find solo runs to be faster anyway, i’ll try it out and let ya know my experience

I’ll just add (if you aren’t already) it is also good to mix it up occasionally if you are farming a particular boss drop. I am currently working through every single character (so I’m not wholly focused on Legendaries dropping) and some perform better on certain missions than others, but I also like to do a quick Meltdown match here and there just so I’m not constantly doing the same thing too much. Figure out your farming limit, take a break and do something else and then come back and try again :wink: And be assured, BNK3R and many other Borderlands 2 bosses were way more stingy than any boss of Solus.