A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops

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@caiomadsantos I’m glad I was able to help in some way and I wish you luck on your endeavor to get the elusive Chrono Key. The thing with putting this kind of stuff out in the open, is it sort of spoils the game a little since it is no longer a mystery what might drop from a boss, which might be why they’d be reluctant to spoil content from their game outright…but also I suspect your posts were lost in the masses of negativity that’s been going around lately. :confused: Don’t hold it against them though, the devs are working hard on new content and fixes for us to play.

If it’s any consolation, I spent about a week’s worth of time digging through raw data, which was frustrating and dull at times. I’m super keen to get back to actually playing the game now :wink:

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No, I’ve got already, I got today, thanks to you, when I saw your guide don’t took me more than 10 tries (:
When the game have a pvp component and your adversary have some kind of advantage, this type of guide is a necessity, don’t spoil anything, just try to make us all equals with enough information.

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So you were successful then? Congrats that’s good to hear, haven’t been able to really hardcore farm after acquiring this information yet but best believe I will when I get the chance too lol

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Yeah, I was doing normal hardcore and finishing the entire mission because the guide I read say that the mini bosses shared the same drop pool. Now I just run for the Vyn in advanced, if he goes up first right, kill him, didn’t drop, quit the mission, rise, repeat :smiley:
Now, going for Hilys drops and good to know the both I want is in advanced.
Good luck with you future tries, now that we know what to do is going to be easier.

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@caiomadsantos Oh wow, that is fantastic! Sorry I must have misread what you wrote. That right there makes all those hours I spent digging through data worth it for me :wink:

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I was farming Hylis for Oath and Leechsteel on normal, now I know they only drop in advanced
So I can stop wasting my time now thanks to you friend :slight_smile:

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Same here.
Going to only be doing Advanced missions now to try and get those two legendaries from Hylis.

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This doesn’t change anything for me as I’ll play anything. I just jump into a group and play whatever level the team wants to go to. As long as I get to shoot stuff I’m good. If I get a nice shiny while I’m there then cool. If not I had fun anyway.

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Can anyone direct me to a page with the legendaries’ listed effects? All the pages Google gives me are incomplete lists for some reason.

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I’m trying to find it this Google docs that had a list of “most?” Of the legendaries and what there stats were, checkin my history hope I can find it

I found the page but how do I get the link to work QQ

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@lokohryu & @phoreverphamily, I am actually working on a searchable gear listing that should greatly help with answering these kinds of questions. But it’s not quite ready for the masses yet especially since some stat values are being calculated wrong and I don’t want to mislead people who might use it.

Here’s a quick filtered list of all the boss legendaries which you can use to get an idea of what they do, but just don’t treat the max stat values as a definitive source of information until I can fix these up ok? :wink:


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I already love that list too. Are you going to include the legendaries from characters and loot pack exclusives in there too? Because that would make it even awesome-er. but from just that great job.

also i just remembered to ask about the stacking thing. do all those stacks stay permanently for the whole game?

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I want to eventually have something along the lines of Bungie’s Armory where you can also see a list of sources from where you can obtain said gear. All the images I have put up so far are actually screenshots of WIP layouts I have put together for displaying all the data I have collected into a much more user friendly manner. I still have a fair amount of work to do on it though, which is why I put up these screenshots so you guys can at least benefit from it now until I am ready to post up a link.

I only own about 20 legendaries myself and I am by no means an expert when it comes to how unique gear skills work, so your best bet would be to go obtain it and try it out for yourself :wink:

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If you don’t mind, Lowlines, I’m going to be adding these to the wiki along with where to find them. Thanks for this. :dukeaffirmative:


I think that on this topic, they prefer to keep a few surprises.

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I made it all into one XD

edit: Some typos in my edittting XD

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Nice work! That won’t be necessary once I am able to finish my website :wink: Rather than outputing them like that though, I will make it so you hover over/click the item and it will display the full card on the screen. Just be sure if you happen to share that image that you state some of the max stats might be wrong…Also to send me screenshots if you do spot items with way off stats. Most of the stat calculation errors I’ve noted are global however and a lot of lower tier gear will affected. Off the top of my head, Sprint Speed as a Minor Stat, Recoil Reduction are 2 stats I know are being weird.


I have a feeling people think that because the order you fight the guardians changes from run to run and they don’t realize it.

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Yep and I have them down as having the same kill screen icon too. So many ways to for misinformation to happen…

If any of you who have read my post, and have had some success after switching mission difficulty, please post about it! Lets try and quell some of the frustrations people are having by getting more accurate information (with screenshots) out there :wink:

Apparently no one has ever seen the One-4-All Shield Array drop from the Varelsi Conservator during The Experiment mission on Advanced so if anyone has success farming it, please let me know.

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Successfully acquired Mag Daemon from Saboteur advanced