A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops

(InsaneHaze) #41

GODDAMNIT! Now I really want to farm rendain for his 2 normal drops. But god damn that’s an annoying and time consuming fight. Arggggghhhhhh. Thankyou for the knoledge but also curse you for making me want to farm rendain xD

(lowlines - PS4) #42

I thought getting people to want to play more was a good thing?

I just came out of a 69 minute solo run of the Sentinel on Advanced…seriously you guys who have farmed it 100+ times are just monsters O.o Also I have noted several of the boss icons I am using are wrong, will fix them up as soon as I find the right images…

(meuhgo) #43

How fun how “logic” apply here and how advanced is INDEED more worthy to farm legendaries,as I said.
Ty for this OP,It confirms most of what I thought and it’s really well done.

(Musicopia) #44

Lol get your self righteousness out of here.
I got just as many legendaries as you did from normal just because they’re different ones in advanced doesn’t mean anything
My point still stands. Love it how you childishly spilled our argument over into this thread as well. Just to try and point out that you think you were right. Like some kid on a schoolyard playground

But yes I am now farming advanced specifically because there are some items available only in advanced, has nothing to do with your statements

I’d kindly like it if you’d just go your way and I’ll go mine, we will never see eye to eye and there’s no point in arguing

(InsaneHaze) #45

Well I mean yea wanting to play more is hype but I have noone to talk to while doing the runs so it gets super boring after like 2 times. And 2 times per day is gonna take forever to get the legendaries I want xD Blinding deande will be very fun to try though so it will be worth xD

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #46

This is amazing - you are amazing! :heart:
All your lately guides & collection are over the top helpfull, I´d made all of them stickies if I could!
(Waaaaiiiit, actually I can…Will discuss it with the others^^)

@lowlines is far to OP, needs nerf now!!!

(lowlines - PS4) #47

You need more data before you can nerf something, I got like another 3 more weeks before I can get patched :wink:

(meuhgo) #48

If you read carefully,your point doesn’t stand anymore,advanced appear to yield a higher droprate and just the fact that you can’t get some in normal mean you lose time by just farming normal.
Also,I thought I proved it was more but well.

If you can’t have a debate,simply don’t.
I’m just bringing fact since the beginning,while you’re not,that is what is bothering me,your misinformation on here.
Other than that,I’m perfectly fine,as I said,what I do is working.

(Musicopia) #49

There’s no debate when you automatically think you’re right no matter what anyone else says.You presenting opinion as fact is misinformation. What don’t you understand about that, it’s a very simple concept.

Just because advanced has more drops in its loot pool doesn’t mean you’re anymore likely to get a legendary. It’s still based off of a percentage every single time, and only GBX knows what that percentage number is. Every time you kill a boss it’s the same percentage chance. The 1st run or the 100th run.


(One other thing no one knew the loot pools were separated before this so that’s why I was farming the quicker missions by doing normal)

you can’t retro actively argue a point when neither you nor I knew this information

(Insanity Incarnate ) #50

Best post on this entire forums. I smell a new community badass! Smells like success and kindness

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #51

Was grinding since the release of the game for The Plasmite…sadly I was mostly doing Advance runs, this helped a lot to redirect my focus. Luckily just 1 more algorithm run in normal provided me with the Plasmite as well as a Software Update ISIC from Geoff. 'Twas a good day.

Thanks a bunch.

Help: Crowd sourcing loot chest locations in each story mission
(lowlines - PS4) #52

Finally located all the boss kill screen icons and have updated the infographic with the correct ones. Some were missing and others I had incorrectly marked with the wrong ones (ie Guardians in The Sentinel mission).

(Bredson) #53

had to cut in here. i can clear sentinel in under 20 minutes. and yes i have ran it over 100 times trying for the chrono key with no lucl. im legit at the point of giving up. if you are on pc you can add me and i can help show you how to speed run

(lowlines - PS4) #54

Clearing The Sentinel on Advanced in 20 minutes?? You must mean just beating Guardian Vyn and leaving right? I’m playing on PS4 btw, my PC copy is purely for research purposes (I actually don’t even have a PC that can run it anyway) :wink:

(Bredson) #55

nah 20 minutes is clearing pretty much everything. 17 minutes is my fastest time

(Bredson) #56

if you have a PC i can stream it for you through steam and you can watch if you want

(lowlines - PS4) #57

That’s really impressive if its on Advanced. If I were you, I’d record it and put it up on Youtube and share it on the forums for all the people who seem to be farming the crap out of The Sentinel. Thanks for the offer though :wink:

(Bredson) #58

no point theres a vid already of a 16 minute run

(Rickbaker88) #59

Great stuff. Vyn’s quiver is incorrect though. Mine is 21% reload speed

(lowlines - PS4) #60

Yeah the infographic stats are likely wrong. I have since gone through and tried to fix a lot of the calculation errors.

Does this have the correct stats?