A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops

(Bredson) #61

its easy to know the max stats as gear has a set maximum. reload max is 21% where as CDR is 7% but as all but the class mods are random some will be better than others

(Bredson) #62

i willl note that is the primary stat not as a secondary. having it as a secondary will make it lower

(lowlines - PS4) #63

I am actually using the internal formulas to calculate the stats, hence why there might be errors. There’s also way too many items to manually set them.

(Bredson) #64

oh lol i just know the stats off by heart haha

(lowlines - PS4) #65

Yeah, it helps when they all use the same major/minor formulas. It’s when you get something like a unique Legendary function where it helps to have a method you can just plug values into :wink:

(Bredson) #66

believe it or not the function ie firmware update all hate set values to

(Musicopia) #67

Hmm are you saying all legendaries have a set value? Because myself and this other guy both got song of vigor from the old sentinel and they had different stat values just last night

Mine was slightly higher but neither were max rolls

(Bredson) #68

no, im saying they have maximum values.

(Bredson) #69

sorry i realize i typed that badly and it comes across badly

(lowlines - PS4) #70

I disagree if you are saying the unique function values are set, the unique function of a Firmware Update for instance is affected by a gear’s Gear Level.

Like Major/Major stats, a lot of unique functions use the same formulas, the Firmware Update’s chance of a reduced cooldown uses a generic function for determining the % chance of it happening.

RNGPerecentFunc = (MajorRNGPercentMinimum * GearPower) + (RNGPercentMaxAdjustment * GearLevel)

So min/max would be 5.00%-7.00%

(Bredson) #71

yea i know i just said i wrote it badly, yes i know its effected and still rolled randomly. im not the best at explaining things through typing or in general sorry

(lowlines - PS4) #72

That’s cool man. I always re-read everything I write multiple times before I post (and then check it again for errors). The clearer you explain something, the less chance that someone else is going to misunderstand what you are trying to say :wink:

(Bredson) #73

yea i should reallly think about doing that xD

(Bredson) #74

anyway back to farming advanced sentinel. still havent gotten a chrono key. plus im almost at 500 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #75

OMG I just got my second legendary… and it’s a helmet with 2 minus CC duration… oh well.

(Musicopia) #76

That’s a bugged blue, sell it for 250 creds for reals

If it doesn’t show up in game as a legendary drop its most likely not one

The gamblers corpse reviver just has the Orange background, but with a rare activation cost, and also 250 credits if u sell it tho so there is a plus side

(firesnakezero201) #77

I completed The Renegade on Advanced Yesterday solo and got a bronze rating? But I didn’t get a legendary piece of gear? Am I missing something?

Do I need to get a higher score?
Or legendary gear isn’t guaranteed?

(lowlines - PS4) #78

Yep. Boss drops are completely separate to mission completion. Doing well in the mission has no impact on the drop rates.

(30% more flak) #79

Bronze is also actually the lowest rating you can get, so even if it was based on your performance bronze probably wouldn’t net you anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(firesnakezero201) #80

I still don’t understand how to get a high score…

I looted everything I could find and tried to make sure I got all the drops from the bosses.