A Visual Guide to Operations / Interactive Ops Maps (WIP)

So by now, many of you would have run the cool new Operation a few times and might now be wondering how to max out your Ops Points? Well don’t look at me! I have only just started playing too! :sweat_smile:

But to aid those who are at the point of tracking down all the possible locations where you can find pickup Ops Points, I have set up another interactive map you guys can use to start marking down locations!


Same process as last time, take a nicely framed screenshot of said lootables (take multiple if it requires platforming to get to) and post it here. I will update this map over time as I get more data.

Things we probably want to see:

  • Loot Chests - the big coffins with 6 item slots in them
  • Small Chests - the mini coffins with 3 item slots in them, if its a cluster, take a group shot instead of one of each
  • Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs - Gearbox have dropped hints (PAX East?) that there will be some Easter Eggs hidden in these Operations, so be on the lookout for anything that looks suspect (LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED!!) :wink:

I found a strange yellow triangle thing. Strange as in I only saw one in the whole map. But it’s really small. And strange? But playing through the DLC with no sleep, it enchanted me. What is this weird gem thing.

Squints… What are you

I s2g if this is what GBX counts as an Easter Egg though. In Borderlands 3, this same gem will appear. Just laying around somewhere.


Strange! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling there’s at least one reference in there that should be very distinguishable as a Borderlands 3 Easter Egg. :wink:


Been watching the stream (thanks @MentalMars for the Youtube upload), and @Jythri has also hinted to this.

I am wondering about the borderland 3 secrets are to. Do you or anyone know who is the statutes you see around? It looks to have alot of armor, and a hoodie. The statue is everywhere. Maybe Ox-or… That one thst is mentioned in some of the gear.

Awesome website you have.

Somebody have already marked 20 places. Have you seen it? http://imgur.com/a/ir9OH

Upd: Worked for me, got 10 OPs from them.

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Question? Are the Small Chests with the Pickup Ops in them separate to the normal Small Chests or can a Ops Point be potentially found in any of them? Because I went through and took screenshots of all of them and there are quite a few, but I noticed that some chests don’t always spawn while others are always present :S

Yeah, looks like they are separate. I used this map 3 times already, recieve 10 OPs each time, and they are always on spots shown on that map, never on spots of regular chests.


Just updated the map with markers for all the locations from that link @maskerader posted. I’m capturing my own screenshots for said locations so I only have screens for about half of them at this point. I’ve also added markers for hidden loot chests and some of the jump pads which I will finish off in another pass including a screenshot of where you land.


Decided to just include the screenshots from that link. Added a new layer to split the map into logical sections using different colored outlines. Need to figure out the most efficient path to take to check all the Ops Chest locations so I can create another layer with directions and probably renumber the locations to be more sequential.


Also added basic descriptions to each Ops Chest location. I also found another Hidden Loot Chest in Section 2.


In my runs I focus on challenges first. Because if one is failed (today two of them glitched), you generally don’t need all points anymore.

You do if you want to farm Commander Packs!! :wink:

You won’t get Commader pack if you failed a challenge.

Well yeah, but if you don’t pick up all the Ops Points as well you won’t get one either :wink:

@lowlines is killing it. Thanks for putting that together. And thanks to everyone who contributed. You guys are awesome.

It’s gonna be so helpful for me and some of my buddies. :relieved:


You can fail a challenge, but you can’t fail a chest run. That’s why I said “challenges first”.

I mean if you fail a challenge your time for chest run is wasted, so why spending it at all? Not to say your first challenge can interfere with your chest run, requiring different path. So I’m going for chests only after I complete all 4 challenges.


:sob:i love you for doin this!!!

Thank you soooo much for this. I :sparkling_heart: you! :smile_cat:

Seems like an easter egg has been located!! :heart:

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I will try to snap a picture or video tomorrow of it for the forum to analyze and speculate on, and i’d like to give the credit to one of my friends who isn’t on these forums and asked what that message said.


And here’s an over exposed version. Well done guys for finding it! I wonder if there are any others :thinking:


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