A Visual Guide to PvP Kill & Assist Modifiers (Battle Marks)

So most of my posts have been rather PvE focused, so here’s something neat for PvP players that I’m hoping might invigorate more creative play.

Much like other games, Battleborn tracks (among other things) the way in which you take down your opponents in PvP. In Destiny they’re called Medals, but here they’re called Kill and Assist Modifiers or Battle Marks. The main reason why you would care about these is to unlock certain Career Titles. Hopefully in the future, there will be ways (ie a Stats API) in which you can share these personal achievements with others.


Note: There are a ton of other stats being tracked in the game, these are just the ones related to landing players kills/assists in PvP where you get visual feedback on screen. There’s also a kill modifier for Turret kills (turrets are referred to as “pets” internally) but I’m not sure if it is being used in the game so I left it out.

I can’t believe there are modifiers for killing players while in their Helix menu, “Got Something On Your Face!” XD


Just realised they show up in your Post Match stats under a section called Battle Marks.