A Visual Guide to PvP/PvE/Ops Maps

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Rather than necroing all the old threads and since all the maps now sit under the same location, I’ve decided to create a new thread to discuss them all.

With the release of Supercharge, I finally got round to overhauling my maps section to the new (though no longer shiny) Winter Update look and with the added bonus of switching over to a new mapping library (I had been experimenting with a Zelda project) that performs significantly better than the old one, especially on mobiles. I’ve also gone for a design that promotes the amazing backdrops of each map you see either during the loading screens or from screenshots/art I’ve put together from different places. There’s still some UI issues that need ironing out but overall I think it’s a big improvement over the old maps.

Here’s some nice new screenshots to showcase the update.

For the sake of archiving, here are all the original threads I created many months ago if you happen to be new around here and wanted to see how this project has evolved over the last year or so.

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And there was much rejoicing from those looking for those elusive ops points locations! I’ll take the new guide for a spin later, but the screen shots are looking good - like the backdrop very much.

Now, if only you could do something about those Alphas…

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For the Demon Bear one, I used the Imgur guide as a base however I added in 1 or 2 of my own locations. If I get round to it, I’m probably going to run through all the story/operations again to fill out a lot of the missing stuff like buildables and boss screenshots since I’ve now got an editor going that makes updating the maps a cinch!

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Is that first picture and old Meltdown loading screen? Not sure how much it matters but just being picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, GBX haven’t updated their Meltdown loading screens to say 400 appeasement points instead of 300… :confused:

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The text is actually editable, so it is now 400 points to win is it?

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Meltdown? 400 points to trigger the finale. Not sure how many additional points you get for your super minion bot being first into the grinder.

(The Title Master) #7

For finale yes.

But in the actual Battleborn game the loading screen still says 300 :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Ashbweh @VaultHunter101 Cool! Just updated it to say 400.

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Once the ultra minion is in a grinder thats game!

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True, but you can be first to 400 and still lose if the other team is close enough behind.

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Yeah if the losing team stops the first wave then both teams get ultra minions!

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The text is only meant to serve as a general intro to the mode like the loading screens, it’s not really there to get technical. :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Title Master) #13

Did you try copy it from the game? I think it still may be missing something!

(Is this thing on?) #14

Oh, I understand that. And I understand that first ultra minion into the grinder wins. I was curious if, under the hood, there was a score associated with that? Like, 400 pts for finale + 100 pts for Ultra Minion.

This has nothing to do with your most excellent maps, though, and now I have an excuse to go back and finish the 9th and 10th Montana Ops.

Oh, HUGE “thank you” for adding in the Supercharge maps!

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Seriously, thanks for your awesome site @lowlines!!

Are you still planning on putting the dialogues for the last 3 ops and the lores for Beatrix?

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Yeah there are a few Ops locations missing on the Phoebe Ops as well as the Demon Bear one, so the one thing that would be really helpful is to tell how many Ops points there are in each location. Where a location is defined by an area that once you leave you can’t go back, ex: for the Phoebe Ops the first location has 10 Ops points, the 2nd with the varelsi above ground has 3 Ops points, and the final underground location has the remaining 7.

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This would be EXTREMELY helpful to have marked in some way on the map. Maybe a boundary line with some shading?

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Um, Heart of Ekkunar DOES already have that! Each section has a colored outline denoting an area of Ops Chest. :confused:

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Nice! I guess that’s one map I haven’t checked recently…

Related question: what’s the status on the character viewer thing you mention in the OP of the Unofficial Cosplay Reference thread? Is anything from there also on the main site, and I just missed it, or is it one of those “still in development” things?

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Yeah, still very much in development. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was going to take a while.

I have been posting tons of character references on my Twitter though as I know ppl are keen for it.