A Visual Guide to Rewards

Since I don’t believe I have ever actually created a thread for this, I think it’s about time I made one!

So you may or may not know there is a tab on my website called “Collections”, aside from the fact that this is where the Legendary Boss Drops reference now sits, there’s also pages for other types of rewards you can get in the game, along with the ability to mark and track what you have collected (hence “Collections”).

Also you might have noticed that everything has gotten a bit of a Winter Update facelift. :sunglasses:

Character Rewards - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-characters
This page lists nearly everything you can get for all 30 playable characters on a single page!

Lootpacks - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-lootpacks
This page shows you the most important contents of every lootpack.

Note: Taunts and Skins are currently disabled due to an issue with how they are being filtered.

Legendary Boss Drops - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-drops
This page is the successor to my original infographic on what Legendaries each PvE boss in the game can drop.

Career Titles - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-titles
There are a stack of titles you can earn in the game and some of them don’t have a very clear description on how they unlock. Not only that, but you can’t appreciate all the sweet icons unless you have unlocked them. :cry: Perhaps you’ll find a title you never knew you wanted because you saw its icon and thought “hell, that looks badass, and I want it!” :sunglasses:

Each Story Operation adds a bunch of sweet loot to collect to the game and while we do have awesome people like @epicender584 who pull the community together to build a screenshot catalogue, it’s also nice to be able to keep track of what you already have. :sunglasses:

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-attikus
Toby’s Friendship Raid - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-toby
Oscar Mike vs The Battle School - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-battleschool
Montana and the Demon Bear - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/rewards-talltales

Quests - https://lowlidev.com.au/battleborn/quests
See the full list of quests available and how frequent they can appear as a daily quest.

Thank Gearbox for making such an awesome update, and letting me continue to do my thing so all you guys can reap the benefits of all those hours I put into my website updates and NOT getting to play the game. :sunglasses::sob:


…Hot Diggity! :+1:

Great as usual. Just looked at all the level 20 titles I’ll never get, loved em

Could platinum unlocks be separated somehow from non-platinum ones for easier tracking?

Your work is very appreciated, this is all super well done! Thank you!

Awesome job. And the only Battleborn site that I know of that is still getting updated.

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@MentalMars is still making tons of awesome content over on mentalmars.com. :wink:


Added a new page detailing Quests.

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I just tested that page in three browsers and it only rendered properly in one of them.

Did not render in the latest version of IE

Only rendered in-line with Chrome.

Rendered properly in Vivaldi.

BTW, the unlock challenge for Pentastrike! title is incorrect, you only need one, not eight, In game it’s just “Get a pentakill in versus”

Maybe I tried to get too fancy with this one :confused: Will have a look at it tomorrow. The caching is being an absolute pain though.


Works in Firefox and Chrome. Safari seems to be throwing an error.


Actually it had nothing to do with fanciness, just that apparently Object.values() is a JavaScript function that doesn’t exist in other browsers. Easy enough fix, just replace it with a for loop. :sunglasses:

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Any chance the website can get updated to include the tabs of all these great battleborn links? just clicking on the battleborn logo will always take you to the"Gear Search" Portion. So far a person would have to rely on keeping tabs on your previous forum posts to be able to access the other categories ( or write them down seperately) Its probably just me being nitpicky but it does feel off that you can’t access the other categories within its own page(s)… Either that or I am extremely blind and didn’t notice that they were always there.

There should be a sub navigation underneath when you go into the game specific sections. Originally I had tabs for everything but it got way too crowded so I have to condense them into dropdowns.

At the time of writing:

As you can see, there’s quite a few pages now. :sweat_smile:

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ohh wow. I don’t even see all those tabs, no matter which Link I go through.

This is all I see. I’m using Chrome but I also remember you said chrome should work fine. so idk what’s up.

Try force clearing your cache. The way I set it up is that there is a global set of styles that mostly control the navigation and footer and then sub styles for each game (the Battleborn section has been split into 2 themes so I can gradually update stuff over time without breaking legacy layouts).

I made some recent changes to the global styles to make it behave nicer on mobile so its possible those are what are causing it to disappear for you. These don’t get updated as often so I don’t try to force them to update as heavily as other stuff which is constantly in flux.

My website has been notoriously bad at telling browsers when it should be requesting updated files. No matter what I do, there always seems to be something that doesn’t automatically update. :rage:

^ This is half the reason why I always post a screenshot with any updates so people can see right away if something is amiss.

ahh, I can see those tabs now. thank you so much for the info. :grinning:
Now I can start keeping “Tabs” ( yes I used a terrible pun) on my progress. can’t wait to get started!

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Some of the more hardcore users I know normally have several “tabs” open at once while playing and switching between them. I had to add a special event listener to track when a change was made in one tab so it would sync across to the other ones. :confounded:

Hopefully one day I can just get people to login and just poll your Battleborn accounts to see what you’ve unlocked, no more manual tracking. One day maybe…

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Are you using SEO code yet?
For Battleborn searches your site never comes up but it should.

Ugh, I HATE that acronym!!

I kind of liked the idea that people have to “find” my website as I imagine it is like discovering a super secret handshake that only a select few know about. You find one of my threads (which I think do come up in searches), follow through and discover a small treasure trove of cool stuff :sunglasses:

I suppose I should really start making an effort to do so now though…

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This is up to Gearbox, right? They already have the shift accounts, this could be a possibility… So close, yet so far…

You really should. Yesterday I was searching for info about Battleborn gear and google didn’t show your site on the first page. But I remembered your name and after that it was ez pz.