A Visual Guide to Versus / Interactive PvP Maps (WIP)

Continuing from my PvE Maps stuff, I have also began plotting out points of interest for PvP Maps as well, starting with Incursion (which just happens to be what I was playing today).

Again, remember to refresh your cache if you’ve been to my site before. It might load the PvE maps instead if it doesn’t pull down the latest files. >_<

I don’t yet have any icons to differentiate the different types of buildables so for now they are all represented with dots.

I will continue to fill these out over the weekend (even…ugh… Capture Maps). Open to suggestions and ideas in ways to make it better or more useful.


Seriously though, you do one hell of a job making this stuff. Respect.


Nice. Great job ! :+1:

Wow… I was trying to get Coldsnap for several hours last night and every time I just got out voted. I love Paradise, but damn is hard when you actually want that other map that nobody seems to like.

I ended up giving up and starting up a private match with only 1 AI opponent, which worked out so well that I went and did all the remaining maps in a single sprint. Hit F5 to see them all :sunglasses:

I don’t really play Capture much and while I feel like I spotted every single buildable / point of interest on those maps, I could have missed something. Feel free to drop a temporary marker down and post a screenshot if you know of something not included on my maps.

Unlike PvE Maps which are much bigger and stuff is more spread out, displaying the marker labels is less than ideal for PvP maps so I either have to come up with a way to placing them so they don’t butt against each other or simply get some icons going so you can tell what something is at a glance. I might try using the buildable UI icons (image) and see how they look scaled down since there aren’t any proper minimap icons I can use and I am not really a graphic a designer :pensive:

Back to Double Credits and getting all the Taunts and Skins for characters I haven’t even played yet (Mellka, Thorn, I will get your taunts eventually :confounded:).


Update: Added the new PvP maps!

You might notice the Monuments and Outskirts maps look a little “dirty” or lossy compressed, believe it or not, the actual in game map files seem to have been exported out using a JPEG image as the base which has resulted in tactical maps that have really ruff edges and lossy artefacts as a result from being compressed at some point. If you are running a PC with your settings set to high resolution, I reckon it should be quite noticeable.

I will endeavour to map out all the points of interest in the near future however right now I’m too busy with getting all my data files up to date. :sunglasses:


Mapped out buildables and points of interest for all 3 of the new PvP maps. Let me know if I missed anything.

I have also made a few small UI tweaks however I can’t push them all up until I am ready to update Gear Skills.

Tweaks & Fixes:

  • Moved new PvP maps to the front of the list so they are featured first
  • The ability to bookmark the map you are viewing so it can be shared or the page can be refreshed without resetting to the default settings (will go live with the next Gear Skills update)
  • Base Defense Turrets were not being displayed due to lacking an icon so I have reverted them back to a white dot marker to the time being
  • Added shop icons for Tier 2 and 3 Shock Turrets
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Overhauling the interactive map section of my website. Brought all the old maps over and added all the latest ones to the list. There’s still some UI issues to sort out for smaller screens, but the new map library I’m using is far superior to the old one. I’ve also split out the SPA (Single Page Application) into separate pages to make it hopefully better for SEO purposes.

Here are some screenshots of the new look.

Also wow! Has it really been 11 months since we last got new PvP maps I last updated the PvP section? :scream: