A Vladof sniper "rifle" build that will make Torgue happy

Because it blowz things up, and away, and sometimes that includes you!

just a build for fun, main weapons are 2x Vladof snipers with RPG underbarrels, talents are DW/BM with short fuse and some for the road. Crits (if you manage) with rockets can go up to something like 80k. Basic idea is just spam rockets with some for the road (can get off around 7 in the 5 sec window), then run away and leave the rest to auto bear :smiley:

here’s some gameplay in SS Mayhem 3, with a perfect ending might I add.

Couldn’t finish the whole run because game crashed at the end of wave 4, the modifiers were something like +45% sniper dmg, -35% normal bullets/+70% elemental, -50% incendiary and 2 others that didn’t affect my dmg

and these were my gears, might do a bit more dmg if the SRs had elemental dmg and proper anointments

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I very much like this build.

Using under-utilized under barrels, using my favorite thing about Moze-Auto Bear, standard gear that is easy to get.

Very nice.