"A war is coming"

Anyone else think the Guardians will turn against humanity somehow? The Watcher came to warn us in presequel, and the eridian writings on eden 6 are so heavy with foreshadowing that they practically turn the the horizon pitch black.
Maybe the story of Borderlands 4? Or maybe a DLC for BL3?

Would be pretty cool honestly, I’m always down to find out more about guardians, eridians and sirens and stuff.

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It wouldn’t surprise me. I have to wonder if there are other guardians like the watcher.

So I dont have any proof but I remember them saying that the battleborn universe is the same as the borderlands universe and the guardians are very similar to the varelsi in that game so I think theres a good chance that thats what they will become
Edit: Another thing to keep in mind is the varelsi eat stars (like the destroyer) and in one of the eridian slabs things the log mentions that they aren’t sure if the eridians were still alive when they sacrificed themselves to the destroyer so its likely that they could also be corrupted eridians

Also the guardian entity watching over the trials mentiones the guardians getting freed from their duties of watching the vaults. Instead of them, the Vault Hunters are supposed to be the guardians, if they prove themselves worthy. But no mention to what is supposed to happen to the guardians in that case…

The guardians don’t have a job anymore right? I mean… what’s left to guard?
Now you have a bunch of bored, eridian made beings all like “Let’s f*** sh*t up!”

So if you guys wondering why this story was kind of meh! It was just a story about the vaults in general to show ous the roll the whatcher had and how important roll they and also how they slowly gave that job to the vault hunter, and all the manufacturing Company is turning they head for elpis (moon)… So the war is coming and our job is too protect dose vault from the greedy Company so they dont put the universe in danger again. Like atlas did and now Tyreen. So we are goin to get the true story in borderlands 4… where all the vault hunter is together ones again to stop the mass invasion of Hypirion and vladof and prob tiador and Dahl will ofcourse get revance of they fallen troops. So the story is goin to be way to big for a dlc.

DLC Attack of the Jack!

Jacks contingency plan after his death was set in motion when his heart stopped. A Hyperion factory that mass produces robotic Jacks using his AI sets to go after the Eridians to try and control the Vaults. After the Eridians take heavy loss against the Hyperion robots, Maliwan (after technology) and Dahl (after resources) go in a pact to make a sprint to reap some of the profits of the fallen Eridians. The Vault Hunters show up along with Atlas and Jakobs to stop them. As the battle rages, the VH’s main objective is to get to Hyperion who have slaughtered/captured most the Eridians and started to open vaults. A total of 2 vaults have been opened and as you discover and destroyed, the ‘weapons’ are missing. The VH’s stop 1 vault from being completely opened as half the ‘weapon’ is cut in half with it closing but still puts up a vicious fight. After battling, the Vault hunters set off to make is to a 4th vault which they see Hyperion trying to capture/tame the ‘weapon’. The VH’s release some Eridians who put up a distraction. Hyperion who have to now face VH’s and Eridians, start defending the ‘weapon’ as it brakes free and now another boss fight starts. Once settled, the Eridians tell the VH that the 5th Vault requires 2 ‘weapons’ to open. Each ‘weapons’ arm it turns out can be used as a key. Players must collect the arm piece of each the previous ‘weapons’ and head to the last vault. Jakobs, Atlas and the VH show up to battle Hyperion, while Mailwan and Dahl show up as well. The arms are inserted to find the 2 weapons that escaped opening a door to the 5th vault after/during the battle. You run in a room where you see the ‘weapons’ opening the vault. While the vault is being opened you must attack each one while its arm is stuck in the vault, charging the door to open. After both are dead, the vault is open only partially. The Eridians, Jakobs, and Atlas meet up with you. You must go through the vault. Enter Raid boss!

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