A warning about Windows 10

Borderlands 2 performs noticeably worse on Windows 10(x64, compared to Windows 7 x64), so if it’s your main game, like mine, you should probably wait.

I’ve spent 2 day installing Windows 10, different drivers, etc, etc, and finally reinstalling Windows 7. “Sigh”. This time could’ve been spent a lot better.


Thanks for the heads up!
I understand you probably want to make up for the lost time, but can you tell us more about your system specs?

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Hmm. Guess I’ll wait until that gets sorted, then. Thank you.

My computer’s being repaired so I can’t even play BL2 :sweat:

Seriously though this plus all of the stuff about Windows 10’s privacy issues is making me hesitant to install it.

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Thanks for the heads up

BTW, was the 8.1 BL2 issue fixed?

Yeah, definitely. Forcing Win Update and things like that doesn’t sound very good.

I have an i5-2500k at 4.3Ghz, 8gb DDR3, GTX 770 and GTX 560 for Physx(which I’m not using much, but on Windows 10 Fermi and Kepler can’t even work together at the moment). Stellar performance on Windows 7 x64.

On Windows 10, in some specific areas the fps are as much as 15-20 worse.

I’m sure all the problems will be fixed, so I’m not encouraging to forget about W10, no. Just wait.

Thanks for the update, let’s hope it gets sorted soon.

What are you talking about?!
I haven’t noticed any diffrence from windows 8.1 (x64, Im getting even better fps on windows 10 x64)

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I’m talking about Windows 7, obviously.

And Windows 8.1 is worse than Windows 7 in CPU-bound games(which Borderlands 2 is), and better/the same in GPU-bound games.

You can check this article, for example:


Don’t rely on sites that a) rely on 3D benchmarking tools alone and b) are outdated given the number of updates to 8.1 since the release of that version.

I’ve just upgraded from 8.1 to 10 at home. I’ll reinstall BL2 for laughs, and see what I get.

(this is not me hating on BL2 - I love it. I have, however, played it moderately to death given the time I have to spend on video games)

I got problems as well on Windows 10, in past I never had any FPS drop (almost capped 90) now it goes below 40 for some reason. :confused:

Just went to The Cold Shoulder with PhysX at Medium (everything else maxed, 1080p, my usual maximum setup on my 660 Ti) - usually that environment hits me the hardest (snow, Crysalisks, etcs). Absolutely fine, no drops.

In fact, performing more reliably than I’m used to. Will let you guys know if I hit any obstacles. Default DX12 drivers installed through GeForce Experience (no beta drivers available yet).

I’m not “relaying” on anything, it’s just I don’t have Windows 8.1 installed anymore, so I can’t provide my own benchmarks.
I know for the fact that on my PC the game is performing better on Windows 7 than on Windows 8/8.1(I haven’t noticed any difference between 8 and 8.1, by the way).

Well, that’s something. It’s not that drastic on my PC.

Oh sure, I’m just saying your own performance, even combined with a 3D benchmarking tool, is not a definitive statement of how an entire OS affects gaming.

Odds are these issues are more driver-related than anything. I have a third-gen i5 (quite old now), so it can’t be an issue with core stability / clock speed.

Darn, I accidentally deleted a post. How can I un-delete it?

On 660ti, i5, 1080p and Physx on Medium, we’re talking about ~40-ish on average(in combat). Maybe what’s why you’re not seeing any drops; in my case the fps can drop to ~ 40 as well, and no lower.

On Windows 7, it’s rock-solid 60 all the time.

Yeah, I also think it’s driver related.

Fixed that for you.

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I’ll boot it up again tonight and enable the FPS counter in GeForce Experience. I’m very sure mine is at least 50 if not more. Combat doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down at all.

My Win7 gaming days are far behind me, but I did play BL / BL2 on my Win7 system and I experienced better performance (across the board) on Win8. No specifics, though.

Safe and Sound, Three Horns Divide (Valley?), 100 FPS possibly 90 on average. Dips at the lowest to 70 in combat with multiple Bullymongs and Slag weaponry.

It isn’t an issue with Windows 10, that’s for sure :smile: