A way to change or reroll annointeds or prefixes on weapons

Now I don’t wanna get rid of the farmi g aspect of the game but I do however wanna make a suggestion I been reading here and there. (Other sources)

What if we could reroll annointeds or weapons parts we get on a weapon.

Either one of these would be pretty great in my opinion.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ll get the exact parts I want on a weapon but it either has NO annointeds or an annointed that isn’t useful for me. That SUCKS when it happens too. :joy:

I don’t mind farming because yes IT’S A LOOTER SHOOTER.

However I much rather have a way to choose annointeds I want even if it’s a reroll rng system you have to use at Sanctuaryuary or wherever.

Heck cost could be eridum or you could make it so I have to do a trial and at the end I could reroll weapons on weapons or annointeds. (Doesn’t have to be both)

I much rather worry about farming for the gun with the parts rather than worry about farming for gun with right parts and annointeds too.

Too much of a pain.

However these are just ideas and been seeing people mention similar topics like this for awhile now so that’s my take.

Would anybody else like this?

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it needs something
be it crafting, rerolling, separate farming and putting together
the current state of RNG forces these immense orange showers which also make the game less exciting

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100% agree.

I would love that possibility.

Currently I’m trying to drop Kaoson on mayhem 10. It can only drop from Captain Traunt on mayhem 6+. You can drop this weapon with double projectile part, dahl auto / semi-auto mods, different elements and with different annointments. Weapon drops every 5-6 run. I lowered my requirements to automatic mod with good annointment. I run it several hundered times already and still didn’t get it. WHAT A PAIN!

Because it’s restricted drop I can’t just do other activites and pray to RNGesus to drop it eventually. Only way is to kill Captain Traunt, exit the game, continue game and repeat. As a console player I spend most of the time of my gameplay on the loading screen. It’s so frustrating and definitely not fun. I might rage-quit before droping that variant.

There is just too much RNG on top of RNG so having the possibility to reroll parts or annointments with the world drop item would make game less painful for sure.

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I know that feeling. It gets ridiculous​:sweat_smile: :pensive: I too was farming for a specific roll for that weapon for a friend and after getting either bad rolls with good anointed or good rolls with not the right anointed to even be used or better yet no anointed at all. I just took whatever was closes to a decent roll.

Wish something could be done to improve this problematic of the game.

Getting rid of annointeds in the loot pool that aren’t bad (in my opinion) all to ease the pain of farming with this issue isn’t a really good solution.

Besides if I can’t reroll the annointeds at least let me reroll the weapon parts.

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