A way to make all legendary drops usefull (Tradeup System)

Hi Everyone,

What do you think about this: a tradup system!

Change the lost loot machiene (and/or the eridium fabricator) so that you can use 5 old legendaries to create 1 new.
So you could put legendaries from you inventory in the lost loot machiene and trade up 5 of them for a new one.

5x lvl57 anointed maggie mayhem 10 would create another maggie thats lvl 57 anointed mayhem 10. So you farmed for 1 hour, got 5 maggies but not the one you want, then you get 1 extra chance of getting it.
Then decrease the chances from there. So if you you have 4 of those maggie’s and 1 other gun (lvl57 anointed mayhem 10) your chances of getting a maggie would be 80%.

If you put in 5 different legendaries, you will get a random one.
If 2 of them are the same, its a 40% chanse that the item will be the same.
If 3 of them are mayhem 10, chance is 60% of being mayhem 10 (unless it becomes a classmod or artifact).

I havent fully thought this through but would like to hear other opinions or improvements to this system.
The thing that would go hand in hand with this system would be a way to upgrade an item’s (mayhem) level with eridium. Lets say you got your perfect maggie out of a tradup but its mayhem 4. Then we could use for example 50 eridium to upgrade it to mayhem 5. Or from level 57 to 58 for 100 eridium.
I dont want to eliminate farming so even if i can only afford to upgrade one item every few months, then it will become a very calculated decission that is meaningfull.
I think this system would make all eridium and legendary drops exciting again.


Very interesting idea

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So presequel’s Grinder? I kinda get why it didn’t return, it was a little “OP”, but I’d love to see it return with less recipes. Your suggestion is basically that.

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Bltps grinder

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Ah the pre sequel is the only one i have not played.
Also yes, it cant be OP, just a small fun chance to get something.