A way to track progress for DLC ops

I’d love to see which reward tiers I’ve unlocked with each character in the new operations… it’s hard to remember which loot packs/skins I have and haven’t unlocked…

There is the above site, lets you track skins :slight_smile:


It’s easy. Go to the characters page, pick a Battleborn, then go to the stats section and see what max ops points you have achieved with him. If you have less than 40 - you have 0 skins unlocked for him, if you have less than 85 then you have only the red one, and if you have more than 85 - you have unlocked both of the skins.

Just remember the numbers 40 and 85 ^^.

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…Unless the system is broken like my Ghalt which has done OPs 100 many times and does have the skins:

You are lucky to experience all the bugs this game has. ^^ Poor Ghalt.

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