A website i just found today

I was looking for mod tools and came across this website. It needs some work as it was created recently. But it might be useful with some help…

We already have a more complete wiki :

Only for the new function, you can use this wiki to have old function, but not sure this function still working on HWRM :



Yeah, that wiki is better but does not seem very active. I am wondering if @sastrei wants any help with it?

I just haven’t been breaking a lot of new ground so haven’t had a lot to add. And with several Karos backups now, the need to restore that info became less pressing. I suspect there will be another burst of activity after the next patch, if it shakes things up the way the last one did.

2020 Edit: All the HWRM wiki’s mentioned above are being consolidated into the new wiki here: Homeworld Remastered Karos Graveyard

Yeah, the next patch should make a bit of activity that will make this category and more activity in most homeworld-related things.