A "who would win" situation

I once wondered “Who would win in a war? The Borg from Star Trek, The Flood from Halo or the Reapers from Mass Effect?” I came to a conclusion. They would all start assimilating each other. You’d have Borg/Flood, Flood/Reapers and Reaper/Borg. Finally, they’d all become all three at once, becoming a “blob of assimilation”. So no one wins. Everyone else in the galaxy, however, loses.

What do you guys think?

no contest the reapers

No question, the winner would be Dave Mustaine.

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Dave only wins till it comes to the point of keeping a lead guitarist.

Doesn’t matter. As long as they can play the solos for In My Darkest Hour and Holy Wars, any invader will be crushed.

but that was Chris and Marty

Well, has the Flood reached the Gravemind stage yet? Because at that point they stop just running around killing stuff for biomatter and begin coordinating attacks on their enemies.

I have no idea what the flood are as I’ve never played halo, so out of the Borg and the Reapers, I’d say the Reapers would win. Though I have no idea how they would turn Borg into Husks since they’re already bio-mechanical.