A whole lot of loot and small inventory

It kind of bothers me. Don’t get me wrong its a great game. But its a looter where you can’t really loot. The bag I believe has 16 slots which fills up in the first hour of play. Most of the equipment is near the same level so you don’t exchange stuff a lot. never nee d o pick up a healing pot usually. theres a ton of ammo . harldy ever need any. All your really picking up is the money.


You’ll be able to expand your inventory once you get off Pandora. Plus, you’ll then have a bank to stash stuff in as well.

Well that’s a good thing .I can hardly wait. It bothers me to see the ground and chests littered with stuff I cannot take.

Sell it. you get some cash that way and have room for the good stuff.

Cant sell it if you cant pick it up…

sell the stuff in inventory. its mostly stuff you wont use anyways unless your a collector. get the bank before you get into serious hording. you can fast travel real easy to a store. and sell come back and you have room!

Yea I guess . Thanks.