A whole new topic section for qq

Can we just… like have a whole section right at the bottom for people who post new “i hate BB” or “this is why it sucks” forums… because honestly every day theres a new one, and its usually made by the same few users in a weird round robin rotation of hate… You made a topic, made your point, stop making a new one every couple of days to keep complaining.

No one is forcing you to play BB… Your not getting paid, its not a job. Your most likely adults so try acting like one, if you dislike it so much don’t play it, if your too impaitent to wait for balance changes or updates then thats your fault and not GBX.

Now, before people attack back with “whats wrong with pointing out flaws” Thats a whole different thing.
There have been a number of really well written complaints/feedback about the game done really nicely, thats wonderful!
But these topics and im sure you’ve all seen them are all full of “this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this use to be good now it sucks i hate it now” .That. Helps. No-one.

If your complaining you wasted your money, your adults, that’s life, deal with it you’re in control of your money you made the decision to buy it.

Personally im at 116 hours played time and love every bit of it, My only complaints are usually the people or little tiny things that will get fixed in time. Good work GBX i heart you.



Threads complaining about complainers simply add to the net amount of complaining.

That’s not as helpful as you might think, not least because people then start to talk about each other, and not games, like what has already happened here.

If you find posts or threads troublesome, please flag them. Don’t post in them. Thanks.